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Delegating for Employee Empowerment

Date & Location:  Thursday, January 29, 2009, Sexton 200, SJU

Presenters:  LTC James Fischer, Joseph Berube

Number of Attendees:  19

Event Summary:

LTC James Fischer provided an overview of delegation and empowerment as practiced in the U.S. Army.  He explained that a leader needs to not only delegate but empower employees (subordinates – Army jargon).  He explained that the leader cannot do everything and subordinates need to be empowered to fulfill the tasks of the mission.

Jamie described the characteristics of a good leader and provided examples of ways to delegate responsibility by having clear guidelines and manuals. 

Jamie explained that the AAR (After Action Review) is a mandatory aspect of delegation and empowerment.  Jamie and Joe talked about the importance of the review being handled by the persons responsible for the “mission” or “event”.  He used dining services as an example.  The AAR would happen shortly after a catered event to talk about the tasks and the outcome.  During this process, suggestions could be made to improve the procedures.  The suggestions could ultimately change the “written” directions for the task. 

The session was well received and participants left the session with concrete ways to delegate tasks and to empower employees.

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