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Creating Successful Relationships With Your Peers

November 13, 2008
Gorecki 120, CSB
Speaker: Kelly Crue, Director of Residential Life

We had 14 students/staff pre-register, 4 of whom did not attend and 3 walk-ins for a total of 13 people.  The session was from 3:30-4:30.  All attendees rated the session excellent or good.  She was well prepared and provided handouts.  From the handouts, attendees were able to discover their type of behavior that was most evident.  Kelly covered four different types of behaviors:

  1. Get it done (aggressive, controller, ruler, task focused, tanks, snipers, or know it all)
  2. Get Appreciated (somewhat aggressive, attention seeking, , people focused, entertainer, grenade, sniper, think they know it all)
  3. Get Along (passive, approval seeking, relater: wants to get along, people focused, yes, nothing, maybe).
  4. Get it Right (somewhat passive, analyzer, whiner, perfectionist, no, nothing, task focused).

Angie Arens and Gwen Schimek served on this committee.