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Building a Successful Team

November 1st, 2001
Carol Howe-Veenstra

Building A Successful Team...Welcome to Blazer Volleyball

1. On the VB Team...Who are we? Why are we here? (Do I want to be on this team?)

  • Who we are. . . students and athletes; Div. III and quality
  • Our job. . . play great volleyball, be successful, improve, WIN!
  • What do we value? Pride, Hard Work, Respect—define it, model it, demand it

On YOUR team?

  • What behaviors make you proud?

2. On the VB Team...Hey, coach, can I start?? What is my role?

  • See the big picture, be aware of everyone and their position on the team
  • Cannot all be starters—know, see, and feel your role is important
  • What kind of impact do you want to leave on the program, for others, and for yourself?
  • What is needed and expected of you and what are you willing to give?

On YOUR team?

  • Establish pride in contribution, whether from a senior or a first-year
  • Overriding theme: we're on a team and we have different roles

3. On the VB Team...Time to join in! Develop team chemistry/motivation

  • Create involvement and inclusiveness with routines and rituals
  • Sayings/Themes to emphasize our definition of team
  • Disciplines. . .five from team, five from coach
  • Make drills fun and celebrate wins!
  • Players have ownership. . .where is their voice?

On YOUR team?

  • We are a puzzle: we put it together and we are under construction

4. On the VB Team...clarify and evaluate

  • As a coach I need players who can contribute. . . need to be one of the best in TWO areas:
    1. Skill
    2. Enthusiasm
    3. Improvement
    4. Consistency
  • If you aren't one of the best, that may be why you don't have play time (additional responsibility)

On YOUR team?

  • What key things do you want in your work?

5. Other thoughts:

  • Once is not enough!
  • I'm going to be in your face to make changes (that's my job as coach), but I still care about you.
  • Need for transition. . . today I have patience, tomorrow I may not because my expectations in Sept. are different than 2 months later
  • Love what you do and feel that it matters. How can anything else be more fun?