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Best Practices in Supervising Student Employees

Wednesday, October 5, 2005
8:15 am-10:00 am
Alumni Lounge, Quad, SJU
Presenters Tracey Birr and Cindy Dirkes

Cindy Dirkes and Tracey Birr talked a lot about how to implement an organized orientation day of training with student employees.  The following forms have ideas on how to pull an orientation together.  It can be done very inexpensively as long as you have creative ideas to go on.  Click on the titles below to see the orientation documents.

Half the time was spent on training ideas that were very well received and the other half was based on customer service and telephone etiquette.  A nice power point program was run for all the attendees with Tracey as the presenter.  Click here to view power point presentation.

Tracey Presenting Cindy, Mary & Tracey - event planners

Other notes:
Ideas for Orientation training with student employees:

  • “Hi-C’s” for customer service training
  • Beach parties
  • Creative awards within department

Involve guest speakers and take advantage of on campus information.  Involving a tour of the Abbey church, presentation of the St. John’s Bible, Richard