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Basics for Supervisors

The fall session of the Basics for Supervisors event was on Thursday, October 19th in the TRC Boardroom in the Main Building at CSB.  The presenters for this event were Barb Fahnhorst and Angie Mareck and there were 30 attendees. 

After introductions Barb Fahnhorst began the session with a role play showing both an effective and ineffective way to address a student employee who is consistently late for a scheduled shift.  Next each table was given a scenario to discuss as a group and then share with the large group.  The scenario’s ranged in topic from absenteeism to initiative and groups had good discussions about effective ways to handle the situations. 

Then Angie Mareck shared a second role play addressing problems with a student who was not meeting the expectations of the supervisor in the performance of job duties.  This role play also showed both an effective and ineffective way to work with the student employee.  After this role play tables were invited to discuss difficult situations that arise with student employees in their departments.  The main topics that were brought up in these groups included the inappropriate use of email and the internet, and the balance between supervisor and friend.