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What Color is Your Leadership?

The third in the series of the SELT Professional Development sessions for 2000-01 was held on Thursday, February 15, 2001 in Quad 264, SJU.  Approximately 50 supervisors were in attendance at the breakfast program.  Members of the planning team (Elisa Schneider, Missy Baumert) facilitated the session.

The session was led by Eileen Bitzan, Director of the Haehn Campus Center.  Eileen’s presentation was based on the research of Shoya Zichy, which involves four main leadership styles, each style represented by a color (Gold, Blue, Red, Green).  Eileen's power point presentation outlined each style as to what they meant.  All participants did a quick assessment, then evaluated and compared their results in groups. 

In this presentation, participants were not only able to learn more about their leadership strengths and weaknesses, but they were able to discuss ways in which to relate to people with other leadership styles different than their own.

Aspects examined were:
Leadership Style
Optimal Working Environment
Least Preferred Working Environment
Approach to Change
Contribution to a Team
Decision-Making Style
Potential Blind Spots
How to Persuade Those of Opposite Styles
Strategies to Increase Leadership Effectiveness
This session will be offered again on March 7, 2001 to all student supervisors.

February 27, 2001