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Life Study…You’ve Heard Of It, But What Is It?

On Tuesday, October 31, 2000, the first SELT professional development session took place in Quad 264, SJU with 55 attendees. Pat Malley, Tory Oelfke, and Greg Brandt, CSB/SJU Life Study Trainers, facilitated the presentation.

This trio of SJU students provided a PowerPoint presentation overview of the Life Study session, which is provided to all first-time student employees at CSB/SJU. The purpose of the presentation was to give supervisors of students an opportunity to understand what student employees are learning at the Life Study sessions.

Supervisors were presented a "short version" of the full session in which students actually participate. The focus was on how students play an extensive role in the way our two campuses operate, and the importance of being a good ambassador. In addition, they briefly discussed the leadership wheel used by both campuses.

Other topics presented included: action/reflection, community formation, personal growth, collaboration & teamwork, ethical decision making, importance of going the extra mile, communication, perseverance, time management, customer service, handling difficult situations, and hospitality.

One of the highlights of this workshop was the "Fish!" video. Participants observed people having fun at work, while giving good customer service. The video also focused on how to make a dull job exciting and fun. The video may be checked out through CSB/SJU Media Services.

Supervisors of students were challenged to go back to their departments and talk about the Life Study sessions with their student employees. They were encouraged to use what they learned at this workshop to facilitate growth and change for their student employees as they participate in the student employment program.

November 22, 2000