Inspired Leaders Series

Creating Strong Leaders For A Diverse World

ILS has returned for Spring 2014! Please check out our Spring Schedule for this semeter's classes.

The spring 2014 Inspired Leaders Series will begin March 11th, after spring break!  It will have a duration of 5 weeks, ending before Easter Break. There are many classes that will bring new perspectives and offer leadership learnings opportunities for all CSBSJU students.

** Also, be sure to look out for who is teaching a class and note that attending that class can create connections between you and the instructor.  Remember, networking is key! **

What is the Inspired Leaders Series?

The Inspired Leaders Series is a brand new year-long opportunity for students of both CSB/SJU to attend seminars that inspire, connect, and give students the opportunity to develop real world leadership skills. The goal of ILS is to bring together leaders of today with leaders of tomorrow in an effort to inspire students to maximize their potential and become leaders in their classes as well as communities.

Core Objectives of the Program

  • Create an awareness of leadership skills
  • Develop speaking skills
  • Instill a sense of service
  • Network students with leaders in academics, business, and civic service
  • Create a dialogue that allows for student leaders to emerge on campus and make a positive difference

If you have any questions about this new leadership initiative at CSB/SJU, please contact our office and a member of the leadership team will assist you.