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Week #1: October 21-24

Time Management - Monday, October 21,  4:30-5:30pm, CSB-Gorecki 120

Seminar Description Coming Soon!

Associated Instructor: Anna Shewczyk

Gender Bias in Leadership - Tuesday, October 22,  5:45-6:45pm, SJU-Simons G40

As women become a more prevalent and positive source of leadership in society, it is important for all student leaders, regardless of gender, to understand and recognize the sources and implications of gender bias in leadership. This seminar will provide important and useful information in recognizing and eliminating gender bias with regards to leadership roles responsibilities. 

Associated Instructor: Kaitlyn Huntington

Meditation 101 - Wednesday, October 23,  4:30-5:30pm, CSB-Ardolf Science Center 105

Seminar Description Coming Soon!

Associated Instructor: Laura Sherr

Effective Communication - Thursday, October 24,  5:45-6:45pm, CSB-Gorecki 120

With today's dependency on technology, it's easy to just send an email to get business done. As leaders, we want answers almost as quickly as the email is sent and get frustrated when people don't understand, misinterpret and criticize the information sent to them. Why don't they get it? We have lost some of our ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and engage in professional   face-to-face communication. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to practice face-to-face communication through situational scenarios to better your skills as a leader.

Associated Instructor: Marcia Mahlum

Week #2: October 28-31

Money Management for Bennies and Johnnies - Monday, October 28, 4:30-5:30pm, CSB-Ardolf Science Center 105

Electronic and print messages from credit card and other financial-related companies inundate students daily. How are students to make wise financial decisions? Participants will be asked to discuss short-term and long-term financial goals and how these goals might be reached. We will review a "typical" paycheck to shed light on gross vs. net pay and how basic monthly expenses can leave kittle for discretionary purchases. We will discuss potential finance pitfalls (e.g. credit card abuse), the importance of establishing an emergency fund, and how compound interest works magic for long term savers. We will also discuss participation in 401(k) plans and basic investment strategies.

Associated Instructor: Stuart Perry

 Are you Boxed in the Gender Box? - Tuesday, October 29, 4:30-5:30pm, CSB-Ardolf Science Center 105

Participants will engage in an interactive exercise that raises awareness in regard to gender stereotypes and the social constructs of gender. Students will participate in discussion that helps them see gender constructs as both enhancing and limiting. In seeing the constructs of gender, students can better assess their leadership identity and try to avoid gender pitfalls.

Associated Instructor: Gaby Galeano and Meggan Gronli

Week #3: November 4-7

Safe Space Training With PRiSM - Tuesday, November 5,  5:45-6:45pm, SJU-Simons G40

The Safe Space Training, through education, advocacy, visibility and skill development, supports faculty and staff in becoming allies for GLBT students and colleagues. It is designed to radically reduce prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and to create a safer, more affirming campus for all students, faculty and staff.

Associated Instructor: PRiSM

Utilizing Your Schedule - Thursday, November 7, 4:30-5:30pm, SJU-Simons G10

Successful and self-motivated leaders often have busy schedules that can limit time and energy. This seminar is aimed at helping students utilize and manage their schedules in order to become more successful, self-motivated, and ultimately more effective leaders.

Associated Instructor: Mattie Hawley

CPR/FA/AED- Thursday, November 7, 7:00-8:00pm & 8:15-9:15pm, CSB Campus (Location TBD)

This course is aimed at providing students with knowledge and skills in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, and the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). 

Associate Instructor: TBD

Week #4: November 11-14

Gender Gumby - Tuesday, November 12, 5:45-6:45pm, CSB-Gorecki 120

What does gender mean anyway? How does it affect our leadership? Participants in this class will engage in fun and unique activities that help them understand the various aspects of gender and the different meaning it has in different environments. Students will learn firsthand how gender can be a social construct by creating their own definitions and participating in discussions that help them understand gender's impact on leadership.

Associated Instructor: Gaby Galeano and Meggan Gronli

It's Hard to Get There if You Don't Know Where You're Going - Wednesday, November 13, 4:30-5:30pm, CSB-Ardolf 105

Associated Instructor: John Doman

Week#5: November 18-21

 Leadership Grounded in Benedictine Values - Monday, November 18, 4:30-5:30pm, SJU-Simons G10

This course will help participants reflect on their strengths and challenges by discovering their personal leadership model. Furthermore, student leaders will explore how their personal leadership style relates to the Benedictine Values.

Associated Instructor: Fr. Tom Andert

Ethical Decision Making - Tuesday, November 19, 4:30-5:30pm, CSB-Gorecki 120

What to do, and why to do it? Is the choice that I make right or just? How do my values shape my decisions? Leaders will find themselves in these situations when the "easy" answer isn't apparent. Participants in the course will engage in meaningful discussions of contemporary topics, utilizing strategies to help leaders facilitate an ethical decision-making process.

Associated Instructor: Trish Doran

Fun in the Workplace - Thursday, November 21, 4:30-5:30pm, SJU-Sexton 200

Sponsored by SELT 

Associated Instructor: Tory Oelfke

SMART Goals - Thursday, November 21, 5:45-6:45pm, CSB-Ardolf Science Center 105

This class offers students a practical, goal setting strategy for their personal and academic lives. SMART goals are specific, grounded goals that can be consistently evaluated. When used well, SMART goals make aspirations achievable and are great for academic and personal success.

Associate Instructor - Anna Shewczyk

Safety and Self-Defense Based Leadership - Monday, November 25, 7:00-8:00pm, CSB-Upper Gorecki

This class provides students with the basic knowledge of safety and self-defense, and doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you. Self-defense is about using your smarts - not your fists.

Associate Instructor - Evan Bell

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