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CSB Rugby

CSB Rugby Club Constitution

I. Name and Objectives:

  • The name of this organization shall be the Minnesota Rugby Football Union, hereafter referred to as Union.
  • The object of the Union shall be to administer and foster the development of rugby among all members of the Union.
  • The Union shall be a member of the Midwest Rugby Football Union (MWRFU), and the United States of America Rugby Football Union (USA Rugby), and accept the rules and procedures of these governing bodies.
  • The Union shall promote the fellowship and good spirit which is the tradition of the sport of rugby.

II. Membership:

  • All clubs in the state of Minnesota and at the discretion of the membership containing clubs outside of the state will be eligible for membership. (A club is a defined as any
  • group of players who have joined together for the purpose of playing rugby.)
  • All clubs, including its members, belonging to the Union will be bound by the laws of the Union.
  • The Union may grant temporary membership to clubs which form for a limited amount of time. At the time of application to the Union, the temporary club must define the length of time of their membership, and must have the time approved by the Union.
  • The CSB Rugby Club will admit any CSB full time student with an adequate academic standing. Anyone within the club is considered a voting member.

III. Officers:
The governing body of the Union will be the Executive Committee which will consist of the following elected officers:

The President will be elected at the end of the fall semester, and will begin their office in the following spring semester for one whole year. The President will serve as the Chief Executive Officer for the Union, and will exercise general supervision of the other officers and agents of the Union. The President will chair all general meetings of the Union, and of the Executive Committee. They will represent the Union, and its members, to both the MWRFU and the USA Rugby Union. They will be the person responsible for dealing with these organizations.

The Treasurer will be elected at the end of the fall semester, and will begin their office the following spring semester for one whole year. The Treasurer will administer the financial affairs of the Union, and will prepare reports for the Executive Committee on an annual basis. The Treasurer will maintain records in such a manor that they can be audited by an external entity.

Public Relations Representative
The Public Relations Representative will be elected at the end of the fall semester, and will begin their office in the following spring semester for one whole year. They will be responsible for all publications, notifications of games, and reporting scores to the public. It will also be their responsibility to maintain the Club's website, and record games as events to the senate. It is understood that no inappropriate pictures or words will go onto the website.

Match Secretary
The Match Secretary will be elected at the end of the fall semester, and will begin their office in the following spring semester for one whole year. They will be responsible for developing and maintaining the leagues schedule for the Union's season. They will also be responsible for communicating with the members and acting as a representative to collegiate programs and their administrators.

IV. Executive Committee Procedures:

  • Officers shall be elected in the designated year at the end of the annual general meeting of the Union. The term of office shall be one year. No person shall hold more than one office at a given point in time.
  • Officers are eligible for reelection.
  • Should any office become vacant, the President will hold an election in which the members of the Executive Committee shall vote for replacement to finish the term. All replacements must be voted in by a two-thirds majority vote.
  • An officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee. In order for removal to occur, there must be a just cause for their removal, and the officer must be given the opportunity to defend themselves from removal.
  • Each member of the Executive Committee shall count as one vote. The President shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie. For a binding vote to be taken, ¾ of the elected officers have to be in attendance at the meeting.

V. Meetings:

  • The Union will hold a minimum of one meeting per year. The annual general meeting of the membership will be held in November of each year.
  • Members shall be notified at least one week before any meeting.
  • A "good faith" effort will be made to notify all Executive Committee members of the meeting.
  • All meetings of Union are open meetings (any member of the Union is allowed to come).
  • At the general meeting of the membership, a quorum will consist of a majority of the Executive Committee of the Union and delegates or their proxies, from a majority of their members. Each member is allowed to have one other member to speak for them, and vote on behalf of them.

VI. Dues:

  • Dues in the amount of $40 per semester will be collected by the Treasurer. The Referee Society will receive $10 for each membership.
  • All clubs are responsible for the payment of the referees the following semester.
  • All clubs are responsible for the payment of the MWRFU and USA Rugby dues each year.

VII. Alteration of the Constitution:

  • The Constitution may be altered by a 2/3 majority vote of all members.
  • The members will be notified in writing of any proposed alterations at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled meeting where alteration will be considered.

VIII. Hazing:

  • The Union defines hazing as any instance of physical abuse, psychological abuse, or improper obligations, requirement, or time restrictions associated with or involving new members or their activities or associated with or involving any improper continuing obligation for membership.
  • The Union condemns any behavior described above.

Any member accused of hazing will be given a hearing and be put on trial by the College of Saint Benedict's Senate.

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