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'12 Pines - Saturday April 28th, 2012



12 Pines Highlights
- Over 51% of CSB/SJU students in attendance

- A free event for all students & staff

- The largest crowd numbers in 15 years

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 - Thank you for sharing in the

new Pines Tradition.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Can anyone participate? Can I bring a friend?

 a.  All CSB/SJU students are welcome and each student is allowed to bring one non-CSB/SJU friend; this friend must be registered.  Click here to register or see question number 8 for more details.

Q2.  Do I need to bring any money?

a.  No - everything is free for students during the day. The only exception is the Pancake Breakfast at Midnight. Taking place in Sexton Dining it is only $2 and students can flex it with their Campus ID. Enjoy a lite meal of pancakes and sausage as CSB/SJU Staff serve you up in style!

Q3.  What is the Pines Tradition? What happened to Pinestock?

a.  '11 Pines became the new Pinestock in the year of 2011. This event's purpose is to celebrate many different aspects of student talent - dance, comedy, music, etc. while offering a variety of diverse activities for all of CSB/SJU students and alumni to enjoy. The Pines tradition is one in which varies from year to year,  providing us with the opportunity for unexpected and unique additions, igniting our curiousity, and resulting in the unique festivities that are meant to celebrate the accomplishments of the closing academic school year. 

The Pines Tradition is meant to have a sense of intrigue... to be a unique day that changes from year to year, with the exception of a few core traditional activities. At '12 Pines you will find an assortment of events: musical acts, comedy, dance, student talent, athletic competitions, and a community oriented BBQ! The idea behind the 12 Pines day-long festival is to offer something that every student can enjoy so that all students will feel included and want to attend.
Previous Pinestocks with one major headliner appealed to a select group of students year after year.  Regardless of whether students just wanted to check out the music or whether the artist was one that students grew up listening to, students had to pay for entry.  We are hopeful that with the new changes, the student body's sense of curiousity will be the driving factor towards their participation in the day's events.

Q4.  What are some of the roadblocks to contracting with a big artist?

a.  One of the biggest roadblocks in working with agencies who bring big name artists is their travel and touring schedules - it is tremendously difficult to find an artist that is able to work us into their routing without charging a fiscally irresponsible cost.  In the past, the JEC has stuggled to find a band or artist that is willing to work within our price range and still provide the "name recognition" that students desire.

As an institutional programming board on the CSB/SJU campuses, we have a responsibility to provide a diverse array of events throughout the entire academic school year. With rising costs we simply cannot afford contracting with a big artist.
Lastly, due to contracting clauses, many big artists maintain the right to withdraw their agreement with no regard for the commitment made to our school. In the past we have had problems with  artists backing out of their commitment to us because of bigger and better opportunities, leaving us scrambling to find a new band at the last minute.

Q5.  Are CSB/SJU Alumnae invited?

a.  Of course! We see the Pines Tradition as a wonderful, community building event that is the perfect representation of the Benedictine Tradition. We want our Alumnae to come back and experience the beauty of this event, an event that takes place in Clemens Stadium, where the Johnnies continue to make history. Due to the new venue, however, we are limiting the number of Alumnae entries to 100.  We will  see how it goes this year, and make the appropriate changes for next year. 

Q6.  What makes the new Pines Tradition more reflective of CSB/SJU?

a. Three words: the Benedictine Values. Take a look at this link-- Benedictine Values. I challenge you to name one Benedictine Value that isn't representative of this new tradition.

Q7.  What sort of food is being served? 

a. This year we are going for a "Taco in a bag" entree. Its easy, simple, and an all-around favorite! Tacos will be served until supplies runout.

Q8.  What is this one guest policy I keep hearing about? 
a. Each CSB/SJU student and faculty or staff member is allowed to bring one non-campus guest to 12 Pines. In order that we may provide hosbitality in the Benedictine tradition, we ask that you register your guest at the link below. One the form is fulfilled you will receive an official guest ticket. Your guest must have this ticket for his/her admission.





'12 Pines Extra "Stuff"


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