Peer educators promote healthy habits

Over the years, CSB/SJU staff and students have founded four unique peer health promotion programs.  Peer-led education is a way of harnessing student-to-student influence to enact positive health changes and establish healthy habits. Through outreach and advocacy our peer educators help to make a healthier and safer environment for all students. A summary of our peer health promotion programs is offered for your information. 

  • CERTS: CERTS stands for Consent-Equality-Respect-Talking-Safety. The CERTS team is a student/staff partnership designed to facilitate honest, open conversation regarding sexual health issues in order to foster     healthy, safe decisions around sex and an environment that does not tolerate, accept or condone sexual activity without consent.      
  • Buzzed: STOP @ buzzed is a social marketing/social branding campaign that had its origins in an upper level communication course.  STOP @ buzzed is student developed, designed and implemented, in partnership with CSB/SJU Health Promotion. The primary message of the campaign is to drink moderately (to stop before intoxication), if you choose to drink.
  • CSB Health Advocates: The CSB Health Advocates promote positive living choices via health campaigns, informational booths, and many other fun activities throughout the academic year.  The mission of the Health Advocates is to encourage student wellness by integrating living, healthy choices and personal responsibility. Health Advocates pursue this mission by providing programming that encompasses the health of the whole person, including the body, mind and spirit.
  • SJU Health Initiative: Saint John's Health Initiative is a multi-strategy, multi-promotion effort directed toward issues that affect the health and well-being of college men, current behaviors as well as behaviors that could influence their health in the future. They work to develop and implement innovative health promotion strategies and messages targeting SJU students. The Health Initiative uses creativity, energy, time, commitment and knowledge of health and health promotion in providing outreach.