Benefits and Options

Status and Privileges of Retired Faculty and Staff

The College of Saint Benedict and the Order of Saint Benedict (Saint John's University, HMML, Liturgical Press, Saint John's Prepatory School) are committed to maintaining close ties with their retired faculty and staff. As a result, the following assistance and privileges are available to those who have retired:

  • The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University will provide meeting facilities for former faculty members who may wish to gather as a group and will, to the extent financially feasible, facilitate communications among them.
  • Upon retirement, retirees will have available a College/Order identification card which provides access to recreational and athletic facilities, the library (see more details), bookstore, campus parking, and campus cultural, athletic (for CSB facilities click here), and educational events.
  • All retirees are also eligible for discounted prices at campus food services with their ID card. Guests are welcome; at Gorecki Dining, they receive the same discount that retirees do. Prices are as follows: at CSB Gorecki meals are $7.50 for breakfast, $9.00 for lunch and $11.00 for dinner/brunch including tax (as of 4/16/16). Please refer to the Culinary Services web page for current meal pricing: . At SJU they are $8.25 for breakfast $8.25 for lunch, and $11.50 for dinner/brunch tax included. Prices will increase July 2016. Retired employees will be subject to the same policies, restrictions, and fees applicable to current full-time employees.
  • A retired faculty member may take any course at the College/University tuition-free. (Please contact the appropriate HR office for details on eligibility of spouses and children of retired faculty members.)
  • Provided that retirees keep their current addresses on file, the Communication and Marketing Department will assure that notices of major campus activities are sent to them.
  • Retired faculty may attend the meetings and other activies of their former departments. However, only those who have active faculty status by current appointment can vote in these meetings.
  • Retired faculty may participate in commencement exercises in appropriate academic dress if they so wish.
  • Retired emerita/us faculty members may have use of the services of the departmental secretary on a low-priority basis.

Email for Life for CSB/SJU Retired Faculty and Staff

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University now provide faculty and staff email address after they retire. This policy is designed to help retirees stay in touch with their friends and colleagues and the CSB/SJU community as long as it is used. You will still need to contact a service provider for your local connection.

Email Services

Services available to those with retiree accounts include

  • Email services via Outlook Web access
  • Guest network access while on either campus

Email Procedures

During a retiring person's exit interview, Human Resource will ascertain whether the retiree wishes to continue usaging his or her CSB/SJU email account. If so, HR will notify IT Services.

Retirees are encouraged to delete old messages and files from their mail folders. They should also unsubscribe from any unwanted mailing lists before leaving campus. Retirees are automatically unsubscribed from all current CSB/SJU employee lists except for the Bulletin Board. Those who wish to unsubscribe their accounts from the Bulletin Board should use the following instructions:

Those who wish to forward their email to another account can do by following the directions in Forwarding your email. Retirees who have documents on their home directory (M drive) that they wish to keep should follow the instructions for burning their files to a CD:

Retirees are expected to comply with all institutional policies regulating the use of technology. This includes, but are not limited to, policy identified in Terms and Conditions for the Use of Information Technology.

Additional Options

Purchase of Computers

Computers and other computer hardware can be purchased from the IT Computer Store located in the IT area at Saint John's.

St. John's Abbey Cemetery

A new Saint John’s Abbey “cemetery ministry” has expanded the burial opportunities at Saint John’s to faculty, staff and retirees (inclusive of spouses) for both the College of St. Benedict and St. John's. A discounted price is offered, based on years of service. Both traditional in-ground lots and cremation niche walls are available in the new cemetery located adjacent to the current monastic section on the southwest side of campus. For more information, go to; or contact the Cemetery Office staff at 320-363-3434 or e-mail [email protected].