Full Term Courses

Forms for dropping, adding or auditing full term courses(If studying abroad please see special form below for making changes)

Adding Full Term courses:

Dropping or withdrawing from a Full Term course:      

  • Drop from a course  for use after the first week of class when signatures are required.  May be used until the end of A Mod.  A Permanent drop will completely remove the course from your record.

  • Withdrawal from a full term course - after the last day for permanent drop use this form.  This form may be used throughout B & C Mods to withdraw from a full term course.  It is not possible to withdraw from a course during the remainder of the semester (D Mod).  See semester deadlines for actual dates.  A withdrawal means the course will remain on your transcript & will receive a grade of "W"

  • Special request forms for use if you missed the deadlines above for dropping or withdrawing from a full term course. Submitting these forms is not a guarantee that your request will be approved:

    • Permanent Drop request.  This request is to be used only in special circumstances where the course was actually dropped within the deadline for permanent drop but was not formally submitted.

    • Withdrawal request.  This request is to be used if you withdrew from the course but missed submitting it formally.  If approved, the course will remain on your record with a grade of "W"

Changes while studying abroad:

  • Drop/Add form for Study Abroad - to make changes while studying abroad. All changes to your registration while you are abroad should be made through your Program Director using this form.


Students intending to audit a course (earn no credit) are required to complete an Audit Change of Status Form during the first 4 weeks of class.  Auditors are expected to attend all regular classes.  Courses audited are not included in determining the total credits earned toward a major or degree or the cumulative grade point average.  However, the credit value of any course audited is computed in the assessment of tuition.

SPECIAL NOTE: A student who first enrolls for auditor status may change back to credit status only during the first class week.