Psychology Department

Collaborative research is a key feature of our department. Students are encouraged to engage in collaborative research with faculty. This collaboration may include conducting independent research supervised by a faculty member or assisting a faculty member with his or her research. In keeping with the spirit of the colleges, the Psychology Department provides students with many additional experiential learning opportunities, including internships, service learning projects, teaching practicum, and independent learning projects.


Overview of Program

  • The psychology program contains a core curriculum that emphasizes the empirical, scientific basis of psychology.
  • This program provides flexibility for the student to select a broad range of courses and outside-of-classroom learning experiences in both experimental and applied psychology.
  • Our goal is to produce graduates with a high level of reflective, critical and complex thinking skills derived from their knowledge of the basic principles and methodology in both traditional and emerging branches of psychology.
  • We provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in continued graduate education or a competitive job market.
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Department Highlights

  • You will have opportunities for independent research during the summer and the academic year.
  • Senior majors have the opportunity to gain hands on experience serving as teaching instructors for the Introductory Psychology Labs.
  • Upon graduation, many of our majors have been accepted to Doctoral and Masters programs in Psychology, Social Work, and other related fields as well as Law School, Medical School and other Pre-Professional Programs.
  • Employed graduates are now working at Target Corporation, Accenture, Best Buy Corporation, Abbot-Northwestern Hospital and IBM.