Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

What can I do with a Psychology major or minor?

Career opportunities for psychology majors and minors are diverse. Recent CSB and SJU graduates have found jobs directly related to their study of psychology as social workers, family counselors, employment counselors for large companies, crisis line therapists, mental health associates for hospitals, teachers, chemical abuse tutors and registered nurses.

Other CSB and SJU psychology graduates have established themselves in careers which appear to be unrelated to the psychology major but actually draw on skills they acquired through their undergraduate study. These positions include computer analyst, home finance administrator, manager of a commercial bank, tax auditor for the Internal Revenue Service, sales representative for Proctor and Gamble, president of a business college, assistant director of admissions at an Eastern university and an actuary.

Each year a substantial number of CSB and SJU graduates choose to continue their psychology training in graduate school. Others find psychology to be a useful background for professional study of law, medicine, or business administration.

The College of St. Benedict and St. Johns University provides many opportunities for students to learn what is available to them after their experience here. The school as a whole, along with the Psychology department, host many panels and discussions about how to make your major work for you and lead you to where you want to be. Always stay tuned to upcoming events on campus that include speakers, panels, visiting graduate schools, and workshops.

For more information on what a psychology major or minor involves and possible career options visit our Student Resources page. Career Services also offers useful information and links for psychology students.

How many students go on to graduate school?

Of the CSB/SJU students who completed their degrees  in the 2009-2010 academic school year, approximately 40% went on to graduate school immediately.

What can I do with a four-year degree if I don't want to continue my education?

With a Bachelor's degree your career options are more limited, but there are many avenues that you can explore. Of those students who completed their degrees in the 2009-2010 academic school year, 42% are currently employed in a full-time position immediately following grduation. While 5% are currently employed part-time, 14% of the students are full-time volunteers.

Some fields that graduate's with bachelor's degrees in Psychology have entered are: administration and management, business and industry, casework, child care, gerontology, health services, marketing and public relations, personnel, probation and parole, psychiatric assisting, research or laboratory assisting, sales, and teaching. Talk to your advisor about options as they know the field really well, also visit our  Student Resources page for a better idea of what you can do.

What areas do Psychology majors receive their advanced degrees in?

Since Psychology is such a diverse field, there are many different avenues that students choose to explore for advanced degrees. Recent graduates are currently studying law enforcement, clinical psychology, criminal justice, neuropsychology, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sport psychology, physician assistant studies, medical school, and counseling and psychological services.

A Psychology major or minor is a great background to have for any field that you choose to enter. For further information, talk to your advisor.

What research opportunities are available to me?

There are many opportunities for research here at CSB/SJU. Both faculty and students are very involved in research all year long. Many students choose to work along side a faculty member in their areas of research while others choose to do an independent project. CSB and SJU are also equipped with the "rat lab," a place for students to observe or partake in research involving rats. The best way to learn about research here is to talk to a Professor, or look at the research that has occurred with past students by visiting the Student Research page.

Is a Psychology major better suited towards Pre-Law or Pre-Med?

Both! Whether you want to pursue a law degree or a medical degree, a Psychology background can help you with both. Our newly redesigned curriculum allows you more freedom to better tailor the major to help you get the background you want in order to pursue your ultimate goal.

How do I select an academic advisor from the Psychology Department?

 Please see our Academic Advising page  for a complete list of faculty in the Psychology Department and their availability to take on new advisees.

If you do not know who to ask in the Psychology Department to be your academic advisor, please contact the Department Coordinator for suggestions at, or by phone extension at 3314 (SJU) or 5484 (CSB).


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