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Pamela Bacon, Ph.D., Department Chair
SJU PEngel 126; 320-363-3919
Areas of Interest: Social Psychology, Positive Psychology


Ben Faber, Ph.D.
SJU PEngel 128; 320-363-3231
Areas of Interest: Cognitive Science, Cognitive Development, and Neuroscience

Jan L. Holtz, Ph.D.
CSB Richarda N24; 320-363-5712
Areas of Interest: Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, Abuse

Aubrey Immelman, Ph.D.
CSB Richarda P23; 320-363-5481 
Areas of Interest: Political Psychology, Hypnosis, Forensic Psychology


Robert Kachelski, Ph.D.
SJU PEngel 129; 320-363-2372
Areas of Interest: Attention, Perception, Memory, Language

Michael G. Livingston, Ph.D.
CSB Richarda P29; 320-363-5384
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, History of Psychology, Motivation and Emotion

Rodger H. Narloch, Ph.D.
SJU PEngel 127; 320-363-3135
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Research and Techniques, Ethics

Laura E. Sinville, Ph.D.
SJU PEngel 130; 320-363-2367
Areas of Interest: Physiological Psychology

Stephen P. Stelzner, Ph.D.
CSB Richarda P27; 320-363-5410
Areas of Interest: Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Community Psychology

Linda Tennison, Ph.D.
SJU PEngel 133; 320-363-2084; Web site
Areas of Interest: Behavioral Neuroscience, Stress, Mindfulness


Richard M. Wielkiewicz, Ph.D.
CSB Richarda P25; 320-363-5681
Areas of Interest: Behavior Management, Educational Psychology, Leadership, Data Analysis

Stephanie Besst, Department Coordinator
CSB: Richarda P34, 320-363-5484
SJU: PEngel 121, 320-363-3314

Adjunct Faculty
In Memoriam
Professor Emeritus
  • Martin Andrews, Ph.D. B.S., Purdue University, 1964; M.S., 1967; Ph.D., 1970