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Happiness Symposium

September 9 - 10, 2010


On September 9-10, 2010 Project Logos will host a conference called Happiness: A Symposium.  The goal of this conference is to provide a forum for faculty and scholars of diverse disciplines to come together to discuss topics related to the purposively broad topic, happiness. We envision participation from scholars from all four divisions discussing topics like: what is the connection between money and happiness? What sorts of cultural practices and political structures are most conducive for promoting happiness? What is happiness? How have our conceptions of happiness changed over time?  How do we know when we are happy? And should we even care?

Featured Speakers

Robert Sapolsky
Science and Nature Writer, Biologist and Neuroscientist, and Stress Expert

"The Biology of Happiness and Unhappiness"

We're very pleased to announce that the biologist, neuroscientist and science writer, Robert Sapolsky, has accepted our invitation to speak at the conference on Friday, September 10 at 4:30 p.m. in the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater.  Dr. Sapolsky is a MacArthur "Genius" Fellow, a professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University, and a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research at the National Museum of Kenya.  He is the author of several books, including A Primate's Memoir and Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, and has written articles for magazines like Discover and The New Yorker.

Luke Timothy Johnson
Robert W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins

"Jesus among the Philosophers: Ancient Conceptions of Happiness"   

Luke Timothy Johnson of the Candler School of Theology, Emory University, is the Robert W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins and author of Brother of Jesus: Friend of God, and Among the Gentiles.  He will be the featured speaker on Thursday evening, September 9, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater.

Other Invited Speakers

Participants are requested to read the papers/chapters linked to the titles below in advance of attending the sessions.

"Can We Really Be Happy with Less?" by Chris Farrell, economics correspondent for American Public Media, contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek and author of The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better.

Chris Farrell

"College Fun and the Pursuit of Happiness" by James Farrell (St. Olaf College), Professor of History and author of One Nation Under Goods: Malls and the Seductions of American Shopping.

James Farrell

"The Four Hills of Life" by Thomas Peacock (Winona State University), Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, author of children's books and co-author with Marlene Wisuri of We Look in All Directions and The Four Hills of Life.

Thomas Peacock

"Normative Theory and Psychological Research:  Hedonism, Eudaimonism and Why it Matters" by Valerie Tiberius (University of Minnesota), Associate Professor of Philosophy and author of The Reflective Life: Living Wisely with Our Limits.

Valerie Tiberius

Symposium Program
Participant Abstracts
Symposium Director: Emily Esch, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, CSB/SJU