CSB/SJU Speech and Debate Team



The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University speech and debate team is officially only three years old, however, we have made tremendous progress during this time. 

Debate students research current events and construct arguments on a variety of domestic and international issues. Students will learn the different structures of debate cases (policy, value and fact) and numerous opposition arguments (disadvantages, counterplans, critiques, procedurals) used in competitive parliamentary debate. 

For some students, this is just an extension of the debate skills they already learned in high school.  For others, it is their first exposure to debate. Over the past three years, students at a variety of different skill levels have participated, and all of our alumni have consistently testified that participating in Speech and Debate was one of the most worthwhile experiences in their college career.

By debating a variety of domestic and international topic couched in terms of both values and policy, students will become very familiar with issues and institutions at local, state, federal and international levels.   We believe one of the great missing pieces in our civic culture is the ability to civically disagree with others. Practicing this skill, as well as seeing issues from multiple perspectives, fosters greater willingness to engage in public discussions on important societal questions.  We welcome students from a variety of majors, including political science, economics, and the natural sciences.  Debate is offered as a two course credit. 

  •  The 29th annual Minnesota State Intercollegiate Speech and Debate Championship Tournament was held on the CSB campus in February 2013.  Thirteen of the best Minnesota college speech and debate teams were here for the two-day tournament.  The CSB/SJU teams finished fourth in Debate Sweeps and over half of our debate teams (3 of 5 entered) advanced to elimination rounds.  This was out of 30 teams who participated in this highly competitive tournament. 


  •  We also headed to St. Louis, Missouri and participated in the 2013 Pi Kappa Delta National debate tournament at Webster University.

  •  CSB/SJU Speech and Debate Team held an intramural debate tournament on December 7, 2013.