Dr. Whitney Court

Assistant Professor of Political Science with Saint John's University/College of Saint Benedict since 2013.  Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Kansas where she specialized in American Political Institutions and Public Policy.

Dr. Court's research interests focus on the effectiveness of campaign strategies designed to mobilize factions within the electorate, including the electoral risks and rewards of selecting vice presidential running mates. While at KU, Dr. Court worked with the McNair Scholars Program advising undergraduate students on the graduate school application process and preparing them for their future graduate school careers.


SJU Office: Simons 146
(320) 363-2048

[email protected]


Spring 2018 Courses


POLS 222 - Analysis: U.S. Policy/Election

POLS 350D Political Psychology/Behavior 

This course will apply psychological theories to the context of politics to help us better understand the political behavior of political elites and the citizenry. We will begin by analyzing how attitudes are formed. Then we will answer questions like, what does it mean to be a part of a particular identity group and how might that shape your political behavior and beliefs? We will examine what motivates people to take part in politics while others appear to sit on the sidelines. This course will investigate how people process and perceive information, and then we will critically examine the effectiveness of different campaign tactics given this knowledge. By the end of this semester students will gain a stronger understanding of how an interdisciplinary research approach can help us better comprehend and predict the political environment.

Fall 2018 Courses

POLS 111 - Intro to US Politics

POLS 336 - State & Local Government

POLS 363 - Senior Research Seminar (Political Institutions)