Erica Stonestreet, Ph.D

I can recite Robert Frost's "The Star-Splitter," Walt Whitman's "There Was A Child Went Forth," and Rilke's "Zum Einschlafen Zu Sagen" by heart. Why? Because when I sat in the arboretum of Gustavus Adolphus College and read them, they summed up everything about life and the liberal arts that inspires me, so I memorized them. So why didn't I end up studying literature? One reason is that I also loved philosophy, math, and music, and I just couldn't fit everything in. With all these interests, you might wonder how I came to be a philosopher. I usually say philosophy chose me: I couldn't help it. After I graduated from Gustavus, I tried to combine my interests in math and philosophy by trotting off to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where I did several things: studied logic and the philosophy of mathematics, earning an M.S.; learned by living away how deep my roots in Minnesota are; discovered a passion for non-academic writing (I favor the "familiar" essay); and realized how much I love humanistic education. Studying a technical discipline showed me how much of a liberal arts junkie I really am, because I missed thinking about life. So I transferred to the University of Michigan to concentrate on ethics.  The work I did there (and continue to do) centers around self-creation and the reasons for action that stem from who we are: in short, the ethics of identity. I'm most interested in virtue and character, caring, and the relationships, projects and things that make us who we are in a biographical sense.  Lately I've been thinking about the relationship people should have to their stuff.  While at Michigan, I met and married my husband Aaron, a self-styled "enginerd" who designs wood tessellations and plays with computers. We spend our free time watching movies, reading, kayaking, and taking our schnoodle Mica for long walks.  Our son Remi arrived in December 2010 and already takes after his father.

Teaching & Research Interests:
ethics of identity: self-creation, love and caring, virtue, and personhood; moral philosophy; applied ethics (especially business ethics); philosophy of human nature; logic

Spring 2014 Schedule:
PHIL 123-01A Philosophy of Human Nature (HM)
Days:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Time:  1:50-2:45pm
Place:  Quad 344
CRN #: 15846

ETHS 390-11A Ethics Common Seminar (ES)
Business Ethics
Days:  Tuesday/Thursday
Time:  11:10am - 12:30 pm
Place:  Quad 344
CRN #: 15590

ETHS 390-12A Ethics Common Seminar (ES)
Business Ethics
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Time:  12:45-2:05 pm
Place:  Quad 343
CRN #: 14775

Fall 2014 Schedule:
PHIL 110-01A Logic
Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Time: 10:20-11:15 am
Place: Quad 343
CRN #: 14114

PHIL 123-01A Philosophy of Human Nature (HM)
Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Time: 12:40-1:35pm
Place: Quad 339
CRN #:11223

PHIL 123-02A Philosophy of Human Nature (HM)
Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Time: 1:50-2:45pm
Place: Quad 339
CRN #: 12785