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Upcoming Courses

2016-17 Philosophy Courses

Fall 2016

PHIL110: Logic - Erica

PHIL121: Great Issues in Philosophy- Steve

PHIL123: Philosophy of Human Nature (2 sections) - John

PHIL125: Social Philosophy - Rene

PHIL156: Asian Philosophy (IC) - Chuck

PHIL250: Honors Great Issues in Philosophy - Joe

PHIL321: Moral Philosophy (ES) (2 sections) - Erica

PHIL322: Environmental Ethics (ES) (2 sections) - Chuck

PHIL325: Feminist Ethics (ES) (2 sections) - Jean

PHIL334: Modern Philosophy - Steve

PHIL336: 19th Century Philosophy: Nietzsche - Dennis

PHIL356: Aesthetics of Violence/Nonviolence - Rene

PHIL358: Philosophy of Law (ES) - Joe

HONR350: Souls, Selves and Persons - Emily

ETHS390: Reading for Life (ES) - Tony

ETHS390: Others (ES) (2 sections) - Tony

ETHS390: Good and Evil (ES)- John

Spring 2017