Peace Studies Department

Peace Studies explores the presence and nature of conflict in human interaction, the causes of war and intergroup violence, the methods of violence and nonviolence, and the conditions for sustainable peace. The purpose of the department is to examine these subjects through the methods offered through the humanities and social sciences.


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Highlights from 2013-2014 (so far!)



These are pictures taken by Thomas O'Laughlin at our 26th Annual Peace Studies Conference which was held on Monday, October 14th!

Highlights from 2012-2013:


The CSB-SJU group at the Notre Dame Peace Studies conference (with Abdul Kulane '12)!


At the Nobel Peace Prize Forum - CSB-SJU group from Day 3, Global Day.

(From left to right: Becca Lais, Cody Maynus, Lukas Ramsey, Vicky Liu, Jinxi Han, and Brenna Horn)

From the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. 

Colman McCarthy and Brenna Horn after his lecture titled "Colman McCarthy on How to be a Peacemaker."


Overview of Program

  • Students and faculty explore the potential for better conflict management, peacemaking processes, reconciliation and peacebuilding given the present historical circumstances.
  • Approaches that are investigated include: nonviolent social protest; alternative approaches to security; international law and organization; and mediation and conflict resolution.