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Fall 2015 - 28th Annual Peace Studies Conference

"Restorative Justice, Peacebuilding & the Use of Circles in Minnesota's Schools & Communities."

Held September 14th & 15th, 2015

Video-replays of each session:

 "Restorative Justice in Minnesota's Schools & Communities"  Presented by Alexis Goffe

 "Establishing Restorative Justice Programs in Schools" Presented by Jamie Williams, Oscar Reed & Andrew Peltz

 "Restorative Practices at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University on Campus and Abroad" Presented by Danielle Taylor, Roy Ketchum & Brandyn Woodard

 "Restorative Measures in Minnesota's Schools" Presented by Nancy Reistenberg

 "Restorative Justice in Colleges and Universities" Presented by Joshua Bacon

 "Schools, Courts, Restorative Justice & Diversion Programming" Presented by Jama Alimad, Sebastian Witherspoon, Pat Welter, Tina Sigel, Cynthia Prosek& Don Bellmont

 "Peace, Social Justice & Education: Preparing Teachers to Foster Activist-Oriented Practices Dispositions" Presented by Terri Rodriguez, Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Madeleine Israelson, Madeline O'Brien & Lauren Thoma

"Lessons from Fifteen Years of the Take Ten Violence Prevention/Conflict Resolution Program" Presented by Ellen Kyes



Resources on Campus Restorative Justice Programs (link provided here)