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Congrats! CSB/SJU National Outdoor Champions!

10 schools |8 weeks |1 National Champion
(and their communities)

THE GOAL: Inspire the most people - ANYBODY, ANYWHERE - to get outside! And give away great prizes along the way.

Upcoming Events

Now Hiring! 
 Assistant Director for Environmental Education
  • Review of applications begins
    January 12, 2015
 Sep 27 - Nov 22
Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge! 
Winter 2014-2015
Ski Trails in the Abbey Arboretum
Fri-Sun, Feb 6 - Feb 8
Ski & Spirituality Retreat
Monthly, Sep-Nov
and Feb-Apr
MN Natural History Lectures
  • Nov 17: Nocturnal Animals
 Entries Due Nov 11
Outdoor U Photo Contest 
 Oct 18-Dec 31
Abbey Arboretum Controlled Archery Deer Hunt
 Apply by Feb 4, 2015
Conservation Easements in the Avon Hills 
See it now!
Patrick Dougherty Artist-in-Residence
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Saint John's Abbey Arboretum Land Use Requests

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