The Events

Outdoor Challenge Course events:

The following are given as a sample of events you might encounter, our skilled facilitators each have their own bag of tricks.  We have many other initiatives that are not listed and no group will be able to complete all of the events.


All Aboard

This event requires the group to literally come together.The goal is to get as many group members as possible on the stump and off the ground for a count of five.

The Giant Spider Web

The entire group must get through a spider web with out touching.  You don't want to meet the spider that made this web!

The Squeeze Logs

Each member of the group has to pass through the logs without touching them. If anyone touches, the whole group has to go back to the start.

The Trolley

The group must move the trolley from Point A to Point B without touching the ground. If anyone falls off, the group has to go back to the start.

The Beam

This is an up-and-over event. No more than three on top at a time. Spotting is required when anyone is off the ground.

The River Crossing

The task is to get over the "raging river" without losing anyone. Three planks are provided for help.

The Trust Fall

How much trust do you have within the group? The goal is a fall without any tensing, inside or out.

Wild Woozey

This event requires you to take personal risk. Two people working together must move along together, each on their own wire. You need to lean on your partner.

The Wall

Looks big because it is big. The whole group needs to work together to solve this problem and to ensure each person's safety. Any safety infractions will cause the whole group to start over. As with the other events, there are multiple solutions.

Whale Watching

Cooperation is key to get everyone on the rocking board without letting it collapse. Hold the board stable with everyone on it for 20 seconds to complete the challenge.

The Tightrope

Get every team member across the V-shaped tightropes with the assistance of mounted ropes. If a member falls, they must begin the course anew.

Double Trouble

Two people must walk across a tightrope at the same time by using a rope and each other as support. No interlocking of fingers allowed.

Trust Walk

People are blindfolded and given a partner to guide them out to the challenge course. Physical limitations and obstacles will be implemented. Trust is the ticket to success.


Get every trapped member out of the cave. Do not touch the poisoned rocks or you must start over.

Indoor or Backpack Challenge Course Events:


Rope Patterns

Group members will be tasked to create shapes out of rope. Each member is allowed one hand on the rope and may have their vision impaired by blindfolds. Communication and teamwork are essential to create the perfect pattern or shape.


A life-size checkerboard is placed before the group. Only one path is completely free of mines. Members must progress the board one square at a time and learn from the brave explorers that have ventured before them.

Warp Speed

A ball is thrown around the circled group at warp speed. Each toss is accompanied by the name of the recipient and one other attribute determined by the group prior to beginning. See how fast the rotations can be completed.

Helium Pole

The goal is simple, lower a 10 foot pole to the ground...the process is surprising.


It is time for war. Each individual gets the opportunity to be a transformed into a tank for a day. Charge on mini-tanks!

Ultimate Ski-Ball

A ball must be scored into a cup or hole from 40 ft away using only various half-cylinders of PVC piping. People will have to work together to develop a system of transport that allows the ball to continuously roll without ever touching the ground.