Minnesota Natural History Lecture Series

Interested in learning more about Minnesota's natural world? Join us each month for a lecture and discussion on a variety of natural history topics. All ages are welcome to all of our lectures, however we have designated some lectures as kid-friendly when the topics and presentation styles are more suitable for kids. Lectures that are designated as teacher-friendly indicate that there will be classroom resources available for teachers at the lecture.

Lecture Series


Lecture Schedule:

Tuesday, September 29 | 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

We are the Ones! Sustainability and Social Justice, Pandora Thomas

Thomas believes colleges and universities play a major role in shaping future leaders. This will ensure a future for themselves and generations to come through creating a perspective to consider economic viability, environmental responsibility, and social justice in equal measure in decision-making. Working with audiances of all ages, Thomas looks to connect social justice and sustainability to individual actions that can be used to foster change in our world.

Gorecki Center, CSB (Room 204A)


Monday, October 19 | 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Soils in a Changing ClimateJoe Storlien


Monday, November 16 | 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Photo-A-Day:  Two Years with a Naturalist, Joe Walewski



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Previous Lecture Topics:

Nature, Culture, and Two Friends Talking 
Ecologist Kim Chapman and Poet Jim Armstrong       

Jumpstarting Life:  Applying Hibernation Strategies to Emergency Rooms and Long-distance Space Travel 
Clark Cotton, CSB/SJU Biology

Shoreline Restoration 
Greg Berg, Stearns Co. Soil & Water Conservation District                                                          

16th Annual Owl Hoot
Sarah Gainey, Outdoor U

The Biology of Resurrection
Stephen Saupe, CSB/SJU biology

Swanning Around Saint John's
Marcus Webster, CSB/SJU biology

15th Annual Owl Hoot
Marco Restani, St. Cloud State University biology

Night Gliders: Nocturnal Denizens of the Abbey Arboretum
Kristina Timmerman, CSB/SJU biology

The Science & Psychology of Survival
Tom Kroll, Saint John's Outdoor U

MN Lakes: Past, Present, and Future
Bill Lamberts, CSB/SJU biology

14th Annual Owl Hoot
Marco Restani, St. Cloud State University biology

The Future of Food
Diane Veale-Jones, CSB/SJU environmental studies

Stargazing at Saint John's
Mike Lynch, WCCO meteorologist

Climbing the Grand Staircase: A Journey Through 1.2 Billion Years of Earth's History
Larry Davis, CSB/SJU geology

Another Look at Genetically Modified Foods
Dr. Jean Lavigne, CSB/SJU environmental studies

13th Annual Owl Hoot
Marco Restani, SCSU professor of biology

Our Place in the Universe
John O'Reilly, Saint John's Outdoor University

Tree Rings and the Tales They Tell
Troy Knight, CSB/SJU Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Seeing Through the Lens: Photography in the Great Outdoors
Ken Bachofer, Nature Photographer, MN Master Naturalist Volunteer

Worm Watch: Invasive Earthworms
Ryan Hueffmeier, Great Lakes Worm Watch, University of Minnesota Duluth

The Botany of Harry Potter
Steve Saupe, CSB/SJU professor of biology

Loons at Saint John's
Carol Jansky, CSB/SJU Biology Lab Coordinator
Read more about Saint John's Loons.