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Other Applications

What is GIS?

GIS and mapping software is at the forefront of a new wave of technology that can be applied to nearly every issues or subject in our society.  This website gives an overview of GIS software as well as describing a number of current industrial practices.  As the homepage for GIS software it also shows new available innovations in GIS and a list of professionals for any GIS questions or concerns.

This site gives a detailed description of a handful of GIS applications.  From geology to the military you are able to dive into projects that have been done by others to see the true usefulness of GIS and how other people use and apply their work to this dynamic software.

Environmental Economics uses GIS as a tool to help place monetary values on environmental features or effects.  Every environmental feature has some economic impact and some of these values are hard to calculate.  Direct profit, environmental protection, and recreation are categories where values are needed for economists to calculate these costs and possible create new policies.  

GIS may also be used in Political Science by mapping out political affiliations in any state, county, or sector of the United States.  With this information candidates can develop areas of interest or establish trends of political affiliation.  GIS also is a very useful term in the redistricting process, known as gerrymandering. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) uses GIS to determine the geographical distribution of disease, map populations at risk, and planning or targeting interventions.  WHO has used GIS to organize geographical information dealing with diseases to understand how these diseases are spread in hopes to yield or terminate the spread of dangerous diseases.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) uses GIS as a very important tool to develop land management plans as well as planning strategies to conserve and protect wildlife.  GIS is also used to develop plans for prescribed burns and the restoration of destroyed or mistreated natural terrain.

This website shows the many ways GIS is used by the department of Ecology.  Like the DNR data deli this site provides data and other information that can be downloaded form the website to be used in ArcGIS.

GIS is also used by legislature for redistricting and distribution of voters and their affiliation.  This website also provides a basic GIS district finder.  You can find out which political leaders are directly affiliated with where you live with the help of this fascinating tool.

A look at how USDA uses GIS throughout Minnesota.  A map shows that all of Minnesota counties are now using certified GIS acres.  As you search through this website it become evident that GIS is an important commodity for governmental departments because they are a great was to relay information. 

A resource sharing GIS related jobs and careers in Minnesota.  Also provides information on available jobs, upcoming events and job fairs, and useful hints to find GIS jobs and careers.

The Geographer's Craft is a site provided by the University of Colorado that is dedicated to education in GIS.  It provides good examples of courses available as well as what is covered in these course.  This University of Colorado based site also provides a lengthy list of internet resources, lectures and on-line discussions.