OLTA Program

The OLTA Pilot Program is a branch of the Orientation Department. Consisting of 20 Bennie and Johnnie Orientation leaders, they will work closely with the First-Year Seminar Faculty Member to lead activities and provide guidance for the first-years.

OLTA Pilot Program Learning Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of the OLTA pilot program, it is our hope that the following will be experienced by the participating faculty, first-year students, and OLTAs:

1. OLTA's will model an authentic, healthy and balanced student lifestyle for the incoming first-year students.

We will see this through the OLTA's active participation on campus and in conversations, attendance at ILCP classes, holding leadership positions on campus, club involvement.

2. OLTA's will enable first-year students to act in a manner that acknowledges and appreciates differences in others inside and outside the classroom.

Differences are defined by learning styles, interests, backgrounds. This will be addressed by a diversity workshop, Festival of Cultures attendance and discussions surrounding lifestyle differences in general.

3. Faculty, first-year students, and OLTAs will work to inspire a shared vision inside and outside of the classroom.

We will this through meetings between the OLTAs and faculty members and out-of-the-classroom activities arranged by the OLTAs.

4. First-year students will learn to take council in their academic and social practices by fostering an environment of deep change.

This will be exhibited through deep conversations of differences among students, current lifestyle choices, a workshop on time management, Leadership Personality class attendance with OLTA.

5. First-year students will learn that in community living, it is imperative to be respectful of various campus roles and understand how to interact successfully.

This will be exhibited through a workshop on communicating with professors/faculty members.