Orientation Leader Job Description


Position Title: 
Orientation Leader

Student Activities and Leadership Development

Reports To: 
Director, Assistant Director, Office Coordinator, Student Managers, Orientation Coordinators

Length of Position:

·      Training April and/or May

·      Outreach May - August

·      Training Sunday, August 20, 2017 - August 23, 2017

·      Orientation August 24, 2017 - August 27, 2017

·      Ongoing August 31, 2017 - October 30, 2017

Orientation Leaders will work with the staff of the department of Student Activities and Leadership Development with the duties and responsibilities of implementing Student Orientation for Academic Year 2017-2018. Orientation Leaders will develop leadership, facilitation, communication, and public relation skills by assisting new and transfer students in their transition to the CSB/SJU community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·     Assist in the implementation of orientation programs for new and transfer students and their parents

·     Serve as a role model for incoming students and peers

·     Facilitate and lead group discussions with first year students prior to the commencement

·     Support and participate in faculty group meetings

·     Guide tours of first year students and parents

·     Assist in the set-up and take down for orientation events

·     Attend training sessions for student orientation leaders

·     Coordinate, facilitate, and maintain an orientation group's involvement with the community's broader welcoming and social programming events, as well as small group activities,          during the first ten weeks of the fall semester

·     Adhere to the Orientation Leader Contract in regards to policies, personal and professional conduct, and attitude

·     Ability to communicate with your orientation group during the spring, summer, and fall

·    Other duties as assigned


·   Ability to understand and effectively communicate the mission of CSB/SJU

·   Familiarity with CSB/SJU resources, programs, and organizations

·   Availability to participate fully in all orientation programs, including training sessions

·   Ability to manage time and information in a high paced environment

·   Ability to maintain a positive, flexible and adaptable working style

·   Ability to accept and respond to constructive feedback

·   Effective interpersonal skills: assertive, helpful, sensitive and tactful in working with others

·   Strong verbal and written communication skills

Additional Requests:

·   Project a positive image of service which represents department and division

·   A willingness to maintain a high level of competence. Discreet judgment and confidentiality are   expected.

·   Actively supports the mission, goals, program, and coordinate nature of CSB/SJU

·   Model good stewardship of institutional resources

·   Incorporate the Catholic Mission and Benedictine Values with work



SALD – (320)-363-5254

Email: [email protected]

Please apply by using the 2017 Orientation Leader Application

The Orientation Leader position will be a highly involved, creative, and task oriented employment for the department of Student Activities and Leadership Development. Through this process, we, as a department, will plan to foster your personal development as well as your contributions to the greater good of CSB/SJU.