Meet the 2014 Orientation Coordinators

If you have any questions regarding new student orientation, please email the orientation office at or call 320-363-5254 to talk with one of this year's Orientation Coordinators:

Meet Claire O'Brien

Major: Nursing

Clubs/Activities on Campus: Orientation Leader 2012, 2013, JEC Executive Member, CSB Lacrosse, Nursing Club Member, and Anatomy/Physiology TA

Why I am an orientation coordinator: Starting college is a stressful time but the orientation program at CSBSJU made my transition a smooth process. I felt as though I was immediately accepted into the CSBSJU community through the guidance of my orientation leaders. From my experience, I knew how important of a program orientation is and that I wanted to get involved to have the chance to provide first years with the same positive experience I had. Planning orientation will allow me to spread how CSBSJU values community through the practice of Benedictine Values and that the incoming first years will soon learn that everyone has a place on our campus.

Top 5 Things on My Bucket List:
1. Volunteer as a nurse in a third world country
2. Swim in every ocean
3. Adopt a puppy
4. Own my own Coffee/Bakery Shop
5. See the Northern Lights

Meet Garrett Hedberg

Major: Physics, Pre-Engineering

Clubs/Activities on Campus: Orientation Leader 2012, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Dodgeball, Varsity Baseball, Physics TA

Why I am an orientation coordinator: Going to college was one of the most stressful times of my life, it was a big change that I did not feel ready for, as I'm sure most incoming first years may feel.  Upon arriving to SJU, however, I was put into my Orientation group and the whole experience really eased my mind.  I had a great experience with my Orientation Leader and I am close-friends with many of the people that were in my group.  I really want every incoming first year to enjoy the Orientation process as much as I had.  My goal in Orientation is to let incoming freshman know that CSB/SJU is a great community to be a part of; we are fun, enthusiastic, and love to make new friends.  I hope that Orientation can help ease the transition into college, as it did for me.

Top 5 Things On My Bucket List:
Go to a red carpet premier of a movie
2. Speak a foreign language fluently
3. Go to the Super Bowl
4. Go deep sea fishing and catch an enormous marlin
5. Travel Europe (again!)

Meet Annie Luke

Major: ACS Chemistry

Clubs/Activities on Campus: Orientation Leader 2013, Chemistry Club President, Campus Rec Aerobics Manager and Instructor, JEC Member, Undergraduate Chemistry Researcher, Chemistry TA and Stockroom Assistant, Bennie Ambassador Tour Guide

Why I am an orientation coordinator: I had a strong desire to serve the campus as an Orientation Coordinator because I have a deep passion for having a positive influence on all people I encounter. It would be more than a privilege to be able to give back to the campus and Orientation Program what they gave me as an incoming first year student. I want to make a lasting impact on all new students; I want nothing more than to welcome them to campus with open arms. I feel that each and every student should feel like they belong in this community, and I feel that the Orientation Program has the ability to provide this feeling to all students. Even more, I want to share this beautiful community of CSB/SJU by serving as a living example of our unique Benedictine Values. I want to spread the fire for life and friendship that I find in this campus with students who are undergoing a major transition in their lives.

Top 5 Things On My Bucket List:
1. Be a participant on a game show
2. Meet Tom Hanks
3. Visit all the countries in Europe
4. Climb a major mountain peak
5. Be an Orientation Coordinator for CSB/SJU (check!)

Meet Piper Murray

Major: Integrative Health Science/ Pre-Physical Therapy

Clubs/Activities on Campus: Orientation Leader 2013, Varsity Soccer and Track and Field, PRISM, Intramural volleyball, psychology T.A.

Why I am an orientation coordinator: Orientation is always a fun, upbeat, and welcoming atmosphere filled with leaders excited to show off their campus and first years who are ready to make new friends and start a new chapter in their life. I had a great experience during my own orientation and as an orientation leader. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in the planning and implementation of orientation this year, and to gain a new perspective on all that goes into welcoming new Bennies and Johnnies to the place I have come to call home.

Top 5 Things On My Bucket List:
Shake hands with a president
2. Study Abroad
3. Attend the Olympic games
4. Step foot in all 50 states
5. Learn to play a full song on any instrument

Meet Pat Martin

Major: Philosophy

Clubs/Activities on Campus: Chamber Choir, Cross Country, Track and Field, Ballroom Dance Club, Orientation Leader 2013

Why I am an Orientation Coordinator: When I came to school my first year, I did not know anyone coming into school, so I felt a little overwhelmed about how I would start meeting people. Orientation helped me have a smooth transition into college. I want to be a part of the process to help first year students start their college experience at Saint Ben's and Saint John's on a good note.

Top 5 Things On My Bucket List:
1. See the Easter Island heads in South America
2. Run a marathon
3. Teach piano lessons
4. Go scuba diving
5. Visit the seven natural wonders of the world (and look for the eighth while I'm at it)