I Am... We Are...

I Am...We Are...

The College of Saint Benedict|Saint John's University Orientation, Student Activities & Leadership Development, and the Intercultural Center believe that self-identity and community identity are important aspects of creating an inclusive and welcoming CSB/SJU community.  The I Am...We Are... project, started during the 2011-2012 academic year, promotes the importance of individual identity contributing to the community identity. 

At select events throughout the academic year, each member of the CSB/SJU community has opportunities to expand her or his perspective relative to the concepts of identity and inclusion by responding to questions inquiring about who she or he is as an individual (I Am...) and which group she or he identifies with (We Are...). Orientation, SALD and the IC  presented panels at community events which serve as pages in a book.  Each panel posed a question thematically related to the I Am...We Are... campaign, and students, staff, and faculty responsed to these questions.

Learning Outcomes

 Students participating in the I Am...We Are... campaign will:

•        Gain awareness of the concept of identity

•         Experience reflecting upon their self-identity

•        Have an opportunity share their identity with others

•        Gain an understanding of the grater community identity

•        Gain an appreciation for the diverse community identity