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Meet Your OLs Groups 1 - 24

Our goal is to help incoming students transition to college life and introduce them to academic and campus life on the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University campuses. Select your group from the list below to meet your orientation leaders.

Group Number:

























Group 1

Will Bauman

Year: Senior

Hometown: Monticello, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: CSB/SJU has given me so much and I want to welcome the first-years to the school I love and start their college career on a high note!

Campus Involvement: SJU Basketball Team, Dental Club, FYF

Favorite Superhero: Hulk, green is my favorite color.

Miranda Kremers

Year: Junior

Hometown: St. Martin, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I had a wonderful experience with my orientation group during first year, and I wanted to provide incoming first-years with the same. These campuses foster the Benedictine community so well, and I wanted to be a part of passing that sense of community on. I want to make our incoming Bennies and Johnnies feel welcome and at home during this big transition.

Campus Involvement: Crew Team, Global Health Affairs, Pre-Physician's Assistant Club, Praise in the Pub, Circulation Desk Assistant

Favorite Superhero: Ironman--sarcastic humor is some of the best humor.

Group 2

Jacob Bellendir

Year: Senior

Hometown: Broomfield, CO

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because it gives me the chance to show how great of a place CSB/SJU is and all of the opportunities that are open for students. Also, being an OL provides me with a chance to become a support system for incoming students who are struggling with the transition to college. 

Campus Involvement: Pre-PA Club, Nursing Assistant at the Abbey Retirement Center, and SJU Health Initiative

Favorite Superhero: Aquaman because he can control sea creatures and that is insanely awesome.

Emma LaLazurne

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Mound, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because I want to help incoming students feel comfortable through this huge transition. I hope to be a positive and informative leader and make sure they feel ready to start their first semester!

Campus Involvement: Joint Events Council

Favorite Superhero: Captain America, because he is super rad.

Group 3

Peter Benson

Year: Senior

Hometown: Plymouth, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because my OL first year made a big impact on the beginning of my college career. I hope to do the same for the incoming Bennies/Johnnies.

Campus Involvement: I work at McGlynns, study abroad ambassador for the Galway, Ireland program, 6 time intramural sport champion!

Favorite Superhero: Thor (he's a god)

Taylor Kainz

Year: Junior

Hometown: St. Michael, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I want to play an active role in making our CSB/SJU community the best it can be and help to make the transition into our community as smooth as possible.

Campus Involvement: Chamber Choir, Phonathon caller, Student Ambassador, and writer for the Variety section of the Record.

Favorite Superhero: Captain America

Group 4

Jon Blomquist

Year: Senior

Hometown: North Branch, Minnesota

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to return as an OL in order to help welcome the new Bennies and Johnnies on campus. Orientation is an amazing four days, and I want to help continue to make it great.

Campus Involvement: Joint Events Council, Saint John's Club Volleyball, CSBSJU Student Ambassadors Program, BenCo Swimming Program, Intramurals

Favorite Superhero: Green Arrow

Sydd Robinson

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Why did you want to be an OL?: I became an OL to help welcome the first-years into the same community that welcomed me with open arms last year.

Campus Involvement: Residential Hall Association, Black Student Association, and Track and Field

Favorite Superhero: Black Panther and Captain America

Group 5

Matthew Burgstahler

Year: Junior

Hometown: Sandpoint, ID

Why did you want to be an OL?: I had a fantastic introduction to CSB/SJU my first year via orientation and I had a great time as an orientation leader last year. Orientation is a fantastic way to meet new Johnnies and Bennies and create friendships for years to come. I want to facilitate these relationships and also meet new inspiring students. 

Campus Involvement: SJU Cross-Country and Track and Field, Honors Planning and Advisory Council Chair, Pre-med Club Board, Up Til' Dawn executive board, Student Athlete Advisory Council, Global Health Affairs club, Student Health Assistant, Special Olympics Swim coach, Jackson Fellow, Attention-Starved Children Improv Comedy, Drama Club, and a media services assistant.

Favorite Superhero: Ironman, for his humor and ingenuity.

Sarah Dobesh

Year: Senior

Hometown: Edina, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: Simply stated, I love CSB/SJU! I can't wait to share my love with our newest Bennies and Johnnies and show them what a truly special place they now get to call their home.  Also, my orientation leader when I was a first-year was awesome, so I thought it might be my turn to pay it forward!

Campus Involvement: Admissions Tour Guide, Saint Ben's Dance Team, Companions on a Journey, St. John's Prep Dance Team Coach.

Favorite Superhero: Buzz Lightyear

Group 6

Omar Cano

Year: Junior

Hometown: Rosemount, MN

Why did you want to be an OL? I wanted to be an OL because I want to give back to the school and everything it has done for me. I want to help the first-years make great friends and have a good transition into the college experience.

Campus Involvement: SJU Ultimate Frisbee

Favorite Superhero: Ironman

Rachel Busse

Year: Junior

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an orientation leader because I wanted to share my amazing experiences so far at CSB/SJU with the incoming first-years and get them excited about the year. I want to help them feel welcome and a part of the CSB/SJU community.

Campus Involvement: Nursing Club, Nutrition Club, Health Advocates, Global Health Affairs Club

Favorite Superhero: Flash

Group 7

Ross Capouch

Year: Senior

Hometown: Portland, ND

Why did you want to be an OL? I love helping Johnnies and Bennies get acclimated to our fantastic community. This is my third year of being an OL, and I love it!

Campus Involvement: OMC Internship, Johnnie Blend, Men's Development Institute, Intramural Soccer (but I'm bad)

Favorite Superhero: My favorite superhero is Orientation Coordinator Kenny Green. His super power is amazing piano playing and organizational skills, and with the power of music he leads people into a better and brighter tomorrow.

Madison Stace

Year: Junior

Hometown: Oakdale, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I became an OL because I had the best time during my orientation and actually met my very best friend on the first day! I just love the idea of coming full-circle and welcoming incoming first-years to their new home - I want them to have as much fun as I did!

Campus Involvement: I have two on-campus jobs as a tour guide at SJU and a nursing assistant, am a mentor for incoming first years through First Years Forward, a team member on Joint Events Council, a volunteer swim instructor through BENCO, a member of a Journey Group via campus ministry, and now I'm an OL, too!

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Group 8

Dylan Cartwright

Year: Senior

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because I had a great OL that helped me transition into college nicely and I want to give others that experience I had.

Campus Involvement: Archipelago Association, Robotics, PPDC

Favorite Superhero: Spawn

Raina Quinnell

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lakeville, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because I want to make an impact on incoming students. St. Ben's has been the best decision I've ever made and I want to share my love for this school and its community with others!

Campus Involvement: Joint Events Council, Mary Commons Information Desk, Peru Alternative Break Experience, and Intramural soccer 

Favorite Superhero: Batman, of course 

Group 9

Glenn Castro

Year: Senior

Hometown: Thousands Oaks, CA

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL to pass on the Johnnie welcoming that I had as an incoming first-year. Transitioning into college can be a difficult process for people and I want to be able to make it as far from difficult as possible by being a guide, but more importantly a friend.

Campus Involvement: SJU Wrestling Team

Favorite Superhero: Batman

Sinloria Macrae

Year: Senior

Hometown: Hastings, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: My orientation leader was intelligent, engaging and funny. She was actually the one who inspired me to study abroad in South Africa because of the stories she told of me of her study abroad experience. I would love to have that kind of influence that my orientation leader had on me with the incoming first year students. 

Campus Involvement: Bonner Leader, Jackson Fellow, Student Internship Coordinator at the Office of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement.

Favorite Superhero: Cat woman, just trying to get Halle Berry back on the radar.

Group 10

Zach Dietz

Year: Senior

Hometown: New Prauge, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted be an OL because I really enjoyed my orientation, so I would like to provide a similar experience.

Campus Involvement: Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Track and Field, Health Initiative

Favorite Superhero: Thor

Zelda Wear

Year: Junior

Hometown: Farmington, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I love CSB/SJU and meeting new people, so becoming an OL was a no brainer. It provides me with the opportunity to help new students realize how wonderful our campus is and additionally help them find a part of campus life to make their home. 

Campus Involvement: Education Club Board, Hynes Scholar, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Brass Choir, Cafe Initiative

Favorite Superhero: Leslie Knope

Group 11

Zachary Eichten

Year: Junior

Hometown: Rosemount, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I love the community at CSB/SJU and want to make that community as accessible as possible for new first-years.

Campus Involvement: St. John's Senate, honors planning council, student employment, intramurals, ping pong league

Favorite Superhero: Gambit

Emily Webster

Year: Junior

Hometown: Shakopee, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I decided to become an OL because I loved my orientation experience and want to help create a great experience for other students. 

Campus Involvement: Saint Ben's Senate, Johnnie Bennie Campus News, Culinary Task Force, Saint John's Abbey Public Relations Intern and Student Ambassador 

Favorite Superhero: Iron Man because of his wit, humor and intelligence.

Group 12

Kevin Ekstrom

Year: Senior

Hometown: Anoka, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: Because if you put a W in the middle of OL, it spells owl.

Campus Involvement: SJU Campus Ministry, KJNB Campus Radio, Plays trumpet in multiple ensembles, and is an active volunteer in the local area.

Favorite Superhero: Sponge Bob is hero. He's always ready.


Christine Palmer

Year: Senior

Hometown: River Falls, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: CSB/SJU is my home and I love welcoming in new Bennies and Johnnies! Being an OL has been one of the highlights of my college experience and I can't wait to do it again!

Campus Involvement: Bonner Leader Program, Global Health Affairs, Nursing Club, student ambassador for Admissions, study abroad in Scandinavia, ABE trip participant (St. Cloud/Cold Spring and Guatemala), Global Medical Brigade participant and trip leader to Honduras, Benedictine Friends

Favorite Superhero: Super Cooper (aka my dog!)

Group 13

Collin Ernste

Year: Junior

Hometown: Faribault, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because my OL had a huge impact on my first-year at SJU. I would like to have a similar relationship with those in my orientation group, and show them how great the community is at CSB/SJU.

Campus Involvement: Work for Fine Arts Programming, Orchestra, First-Year-Forward, Men's Spirituality, Optimist Club, Intramural Volleyball.

Favorite Superhero: Batman, because he does good to do good, not because he has powers.

Abby Hylla

Year: Senior

Hometown: Albany, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because I understand how tough it can be coming to a new place and I want to help new students adjust to life here at CSB/SJU.

Campus Involvement: Joint Events Council, Alternative Break Experience, and the Semester Study Abroad Program.

Favorite Superhero: Batman


Group 14

Benjamin Etzell

Year: Junior

Hometown: Whidbey Island, WA

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because of the awesome experience I had myself as a first-year during orientation. I want to be able to have the same impact on next year's first-years as my OL had on me. I have gone on to enjoy my time here at CSB/SJU and look forward to having a lasting impression on my future orientation group.

Campus Involvement: Saint John's University Baseball team and DIFFERbilities Club

Favorite Superhero: Batman because everyone knows he's the best.



Rachel Ketz

Year: Senior

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: Orientation Leaders play a huge role in first-year students' first impressions of the school. I want to help them smoothly transition into their new home and life here and show them just how amazing their next 4 years here are going to be. I love the CSB/SJU community and I will try my very best to make the new students feel the same way I did from day one.

Campus Involvement: Women's Choir, Choral Arts Ensemble, The Record, Institutional Advancement, Intramurals, One-Act, London Study Abroad

Favorite Superhero: Professor Xavier is one of my favorite super heroes because he is an absolute genius. He is super good-hearted, pretty classy, a fantastic mentor, and extremely powerful and talented but in a modest way.

Group 15

Thomas Fiorentino-Strawn

Year: Junior

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Why did you want to be an OL?: I became on OL to show incoming students all that CSB/SJU has to offer. Being a part of this community has made me feel at home and I want to help first-years have the same experience.

Campus Involvement: Climate Action Club, Economics Club, Sustainability Alliance

Favorite Superhero: Ant Man

Mary Costello

Year: Senior

Hometown: Winona, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because I have grown to love St. Ben's over the past three years. I want to give a warm welcome to first-years and encourage them to find what they love about this amazing place!

Campus Involvement: ABE service trips, Intramural sports, Irish Dance Club, Nursing Club

Favorite Superhero: Iron Man

Group 16

Jonathan First:

Year: Junior

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I decided to become an OL so I could be someone for the new first-years to look up to. Also, orientation was a great time my first year and I wanted to be a part of it again!

Campus Involvement: Joint Events Council, Accounting Club, Intramural basketball and volleyball

Favorite Superhero: Iron Man, because he's Iron Man what else do you need?


Peyton Meade

Year: Senior

Hometown: Blaine, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I became an OL because I want to create a positive impact on incoming first-years so that they will feel confident in themselves, their choice of college, and the community within CSB/SJU. 

Campus Involvement: College of Saint Benedict Dance Team, nursing club, Saint Jude's Up 'til Dawn, Magis Ministries, and Benedictine Friends. 

Favorite Superhero: Flash

Group 17

Nicholas Freeman

Year: Senior

Hometown: Spicer, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to become an OL in order to help facilitate this remarkable journey first-years all are about to partake in! I also want to be the person there to help first-years overcome any obstacles they encounter here at school or outside of school.  As we all learn and grow during our time in college, I want to learn and grow with everyone to build a stronger, more enjoyable environment for everyone!

Campus Involvement: Biology lab teaching assistant, Girl Scout troop leader and various intermural sports 

Favorite Superhero: Beyonce, because she is queen.

Elizabeth Kurpiers

Year: Senior

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to become an orientation leader because I wanted to help first-years learn and get excited about our schools. I've had such a great time here at CSB/SJU that I want new students to start their time here the same way I did.

Campus Involvement: Lacrosse, Women's Choir, Intramural Sports

Favorite Superhero: Batman

Group 18

Luke Fyle

Year: Senior

Hometown: Pequot Lakes, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to make the transition from high school to college as easy as possible for first-years. I also want to be a person that the first-years can use as a resource once they start school and be a person that they can always approach if they have questions.

Campus Involvement: Joint Events Council, First Year Forward, Global Health Affairs, Pre-Medicine Club, Intramural Volleyball

Favorite Superhero: Iron Man

Brenda Montes

Year: Senior

Hometown: Cudahy, California

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL this year because I want to show how much fun CSB and SJU can be. I have had many new experiences while being a Bennie that I hope the new students can accomplish the same thing. Most importantly though, I want to help new students find their voice and passion on campus.

Campus Involvement: I currently work at the Intercultural and International Student Services office as a student manager, I am an I-LEAD Scholar, I am the CSB Chair for the Cultural Affairs Board, and I'll be the Craft Connection club's Graphic Designer.

Favorite Superhero: Raven, from Teen Titans

Group 19

Danny Gillis

Year: Junior

Hometown: Savage, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because I love the CSB/SJU community, and have been impacted deeply by everyone who is a part of it. That began with my orientation leaders, and I want every incoming Johnnie and Bennie to have that experience.

Campus Involvement: Men's Development Institute, Magis Ministries, Admissions Ambassador, Model United Nations, Intramural Badminton. 

Favorite Superhero: Dash from the Incredibles, because I loved him enough to name my family's new dog after him shortly after the movie came out.

Maranda Miller

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lakeville, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL so I can officially welcome our new first-years into the CSB/SJU community. I think it will be amazing to continue these relationships throughout the academic year and see the personal growth that each first-year will experience.

Campus Involvement: Magis Ministries, Nursing club, Intramural sports, FYRE leader

Favorite Superhero: Jack Jack from The Incredibles


Group 20

Alejandro Guzman

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Immokalee, Florida

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to help kids make the transition from high school to college easier.

Campus Involvement: SJU Lacrosse Team, Intercultural LEAD, ELAC (Exploring Latin American Cultures)

Favorite Superhero: Spiderman - he's got fun and cool powers, but not on the god-like level of Thor. He's just a normal guy with girlfriend problems and money issues, so he's more relatable than playboy billionaire Iron Man. And he's an awkward teenager, not a wizened adult like Captain America. Not too hot and not too cold, Spider-Man is just right.

Bridget Ebert

Year: Junior

Hometown: Fridley, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I love this school and I want to give incoming students the great first impression I received. I like to have fun, and I want to let new students see how much fun it is to live here.

Campus Involvement: CSB Lacrosse team, Benedictine Friends, Honors program, intramural sports, Orientation Leader, Global Health Affairs, and chemistry research.

Favorite Superhero: That's a tough one. Probably Spiderman, but Batman is a close second.

Group 21

Mark Hanowski

Year: Junior

Hometown: Little Falls, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: The orientation program at CSB/SJU is unparalleled in helping first-years adapt to their new environment. I had such a great experience in my orientation; I wanted to give that same experience to incoming students. I wanted to be a part of the first impression they had on campus as a student. 

Campus Involvement: President of the Fishing Club/Team, Men's Development Institute, Economics club, Men of Benedict, Intramural volleyball and basketball, Student Ambassador 

Favorite Superhero: Iron Man because: "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist." 

Elizabeth Erickson

Year: Senior

Hometown: Oakdale, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to be an OL because I believe it is an opportunity to significantly impact a student's college career. A student's OL is the first face they get to know on campus and one they don't forget. I wanted to be that face of positivity, welcoming, and excitement as I represent the CSB/SJU community.

Campus Involvement: St. Ben's Senate President, SJU Football Office Employee, Theater, and the Accounting and Finance Club.

Favorite Superhero: Harry Potter, because I also solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Group 22

Nick Harbeck

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lino Lakes, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I really enjoyed being an OL last year. The whole week is a lot of fun, and it is really cool to see all of the new students bring their experiences to the table.

Campus Involvement: Attention-Starved Children, Chemistry Club, NoteWorthy, McCarthy Center, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Brass Choir.

Favorite Superhero: Deadpool

Hannah Weis

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Rice, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to become an OL because I enjoy helping people and I want first-years to have a great start to their college experience. I also want to show them all how wonderful CSB/SJU is and how it will become their homes very quickly.

Campus Involvement: JEC member, Eco Rep, Biology Club, Optimist Club

Favorite Superhero: Violet from The Incredibles

Group 23

Noah Ice-Cook

Year: Senior

Hometown: Collegeville, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I wanted to become an OL because I wanted to show how great the community is at CSB/SJU and to help first-years make the most out of their time at college.

Campus Involvement: Student Accessibility Services Assistant, Study Abroad Ambassador, Intramural Badminton 

Favorite Superhero: Spiderman 

Wendy Iteghete

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Brooklyn Park, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I would love to use my favorite attribute of mine, "humor," to help first-years get acclimated with the CSB/SJU environment.

Campus Involvement: Intercultural Lead, CSB Senate, BSA, International and International Student Services, College Possible

Favorite Superhero: I'm in love with the Hulk!

Group 24

Tim Immelman

Year: Senior

Hometown: Sartell, MN

Why did you want to be an OL?: I want to give incoming first-years as amazing of an orientation experience as I had; students become familiar with their environment, comfortable with their peers, and they make connections that will last a lifetime. If I can help facilitate the process in any way, I will be happy. Orientation is a fun and exciting time, and I want to make sure my students look back on it as just that.

Campus Involvement: Varsity basketball, Psi Chi, various intramural sports, psychology teaching assistant and research assistant, psychology tutor, campus ministry volunteer.

Favorite Superhero: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, because they are a dynamic duo.

Natalie Frier

Year: Junior

Hometown: Chaska, MN

Why did you want to be an OL: I wanted to become an orientation leader because I wanted to make an impact on the new incoming students. I wanted to be able to take their college experience from good to great by offering guidance and welcoming them into our strong CSB/SJU community.

Campus Involvement: College of Saint Benedict track and field team, Benedictine Friends, SAAC track and field representative

Favorite Superhero: Frozone