Health and Safety Abroad


CSB/SJU are committed to ensuring the safety of its study abroad program participants. Please consult this website in order to understand more fully the health and safety responsibilities of all parties involved in study abroad planning. At any point, please feel free to talk about your study abroad questions and concerns with your program director and the staff of the Office for Education Abroad.

Use the menus to the right to learn more about health and safety issues related to study abroad.

Though we fully commit ourselves to the safety and well being of our study abroad participants, there are some limitations. With regard to study abroad, CSB/SJU, the Office for Education Abroad, and its program directors:

  • Cannot guarantee or assure the safety and/or security of participants or eliminate all risks from the study abroad environments.
  • Cannot monitor or control all of the daily personal decisions, choices, and activities of participants.
  • Cannot prevent participants from engaging in illegal, dangerous, or unwise activities.
  • Cannot assure that U.S. standards of due process apply in overseas legal proceedings, or provide or pay for legal representation for participants.
  • Cannot assume responsibility for actions or for events that are not part of our programs, nor for those that are beyond the control of our partner institutions, or for situations that may arise due to the failure of a participant to disclose pertinent information.
  • Cannot assure that U.S. cultural values and norms will apply in the host country.

Did you know?

...that one-third of all arrests involving U.S. citizens overseas are drug-related?

...that U.S. Embassies and Consulates overseas will NOT serve as a travel agent, act as an interpreter, get you out of jail if you've committed a crime, or arrange for free medical or legal service?

...that drinking lots of fluids and eating starchy foods will help fight off diarrhea, while eating dairy products can help this travel nuisance linger?

...that drinking lots of non-caffeinated fluids and eating lightly will help fight off jet lag, while alcohol and caffeinated beverages can help this travel nuisance linger?