Other Opportunities Abroad


While many CSB/SJU students choose to go abroad for a semester or for a short-term, there are other types of international experiences as well. You may discover that your personal, professional and academic goals are pushing you towards a different type of international experience. This page provides some resources for that exploration.

International Internships

An international internship boosts your resume, deepens your professional skills, and widens your global perspective.

  • Students participating on the CSB/SJU London semester program can choose to complete an internship.
  • CSB/SJU offer a few options for internships or international student teaching that is credit bearing. For a listing of this year's programs consult the short-term website page under internship or externship section.
  • Remember that if you wish to earn academic credit for your internship experience, you must complete the necessary requirements through your department and the Office of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement.
  • Many organizations exist to help you find an internship placement overseas. These organizations can place you in an internship related to your field of study and often provide on-site support. Begin your search through the University of Minnesota's search engine.

Work Abroad

You may be able to seek international work  abroad in lieu of the traditional credit-bearing study abroad options. A work experience can also be a powerful addition to your study abroad program.

Though the Office for Education Abroad and CSB/SJU does not currently offer a specific portfolio of stand alone work abroad programs, there are ways to independently seek these opportunities. You may consider consulting with your major or minor departments.

Career Services, in particular the Going Global site, are great resources. The list of International Career and Volunteer Opportunities can be a good starting point. You are again advised to use the Institute for International Education's search engine.

Volunteer or Service Abroad

While many of the CSB/SJU semester programs involve experiential opportunities as a part of their program, CSB/SJU also offers great short-term volunteer and service programs abroad through Campus Ministry. For a listing of this year's programs consult the short-term website page under non-credit international programs.

Many volunteer opportunities are also available through Career Services. External volunteer and service programs are also offered by a large number of organizations.  Go Abroad has a great search engine as well.

Competitive fellowship programs

Competitive fellowship programs are a way to further your professional and academic careers. A wide range of programs can help you finance your undergraduate and/or graduate education, provide opportunities for networking and open doors to new worlds of possibility.

Although many students are initially attracted by the monetary value of some awards, the real significance of these programs is the way they can propel your career to new levels. By participating in a fellowship program, you have a chance to discern your interests and ambitions as well as to develop transferable skills that can help you succeed on the job market or when applying to professional or graduate schools.

There are programs for many different interests and many which offer international components. The key to success is to identify ways to match you ambitions, background and goals with the available programs at the right time. Visit the Competitive Fellowships and Awards Office to get started! The application deadlines are strict and oftentimes earlier than you would imagine. So begin today!