Vision & Mission Statement


Today's college students face a world of tremendous opportunity, but also one of increased competition, cultural interdependency, international conflict, and rapid social and demographic change. To excel and thrive in such an environment, graduates must be knowledgeable, ethical, and spiritually sensitive global citizens who can command not only theories and facts, but the linguistic tools and cultural insights that will empower them to utilize their education most effectively.

Our vision for meeting this challenge is informed by the CSB/SJU mission, which is committed to a "coherent liberal arts curriculum which focuses on questions important to the human condition, demands clear thinking and communicating and calls forth new knowledge for the betterment of humankind" through the "study of the intersection of global cultures and community sustainability, leavened by the commitments of the Catholic intellectual life."

The mission of the Center for Global Education is: to lead and facilitate global and intercultural learning according to the highest academic standard; identify and create opportunities for faculty development and leadership in international education; and to foster innovative experiential learning opportunities that enhance knowledge acquisition in all areas of the curriculum.