Arnel Lungay

Why study nursing at a liberal arts college?Arnel Lungay

The cross-disciplinary curriculum that a liberal arts college offers provides nursing students many tools and perspectives with which to approach a complex and similarly multifaceted patient by broadening the students' spectrum of skills. Also, small classes allow students to create close relationships with professors and more readily express their ideas in class. This enhances communication skills, innovation and creativity - skills necessary in the field of nursing.


What do you like most about the CSB/SJU nursing program?

What I like the most about our nursing program is the fellowship among the nursing faculty and students, which the small class size promotes. Everyone is very supportive and friendly. The professors act as mentors and as friends, which, in turn, teaches students to be good mentors by example.


What has been the biggest challenge for you?

The amount of information and opportunities CSB/SJU offers is so vast that it's difficult to choose which ones hold the greatest value in terms of opportunity cost. I'll be graduating soon, and my time here is becoming more and more like a scarce resource to be used efficiently. The biggest challenge comes down to the decision-making process of which wonderful opportunities I should allocate my remaining time here at CSB/SJU. 


What stands out about the CSB/SJU nursing program?

The CSB/SJU nursing program is unique in a way that it draws on student perspectives in making important departmental decisions, such as the development of the curriculum. The CSB/SJU nursing program embraces a democratic system of ideas that fosters greater student cooperation and participation. The professors are willing to sacrifice their traditional teaching styles to accommodate the evolving learning styles and preferences of the students. They stay "in the loop" by routinely asking the students for feedback and making themselves available for one-on-one meetings, all while offering students numerous resources to help themselves.


What activities are you involved with on campus?

Men's Chorus and Nursing Club.


What is the learning environment like at CSB/SJU?

Since CSB/SJU is composed of two small schools, it fosters an environment where students can cooperate and collaborate with each other. The two campuses also offer free mass resources like the writing center, research librarians, and on-campus events. The events include presentations by prodigious scholars, artists, and leaders from a variety of fields. These opportunities allow students to broaden their holistic knowledge and enhance their learning abilities.