A student/faculty ratio of about 10-to-1 gives nursing majors ample opportunity to interact with their professors, all of whom are professional nurses with graduate nursing degrees. These nurses are devoted teachers as well as clinicians. The faculty are experienced both in practice and education with a wide range of specialties including gerontology, critical care, public health, maternal and child health, adult health and psychiatric nursing.

  • Anderson, Lindsay, MS, APRN-BC. Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. Main 449, 363-5659 landerson@csbsju.edu
  • Berndt, Jodi, PhD, RN, CCRN, PCCN, CNE. Adult Nursing, Critical Care. Main 436, 363-5189 jberndt@csbsju.edu
  • Braun, Carie, PhD, RN, Chairperson. Pediatric Nursing. Main 417, 363-5223 cbraun@csbsju.edu
  • Gillitzer, Gary, MS, RN. Nursing Management, Gerontology. Main 332, 363-5252 ggillitzer@csbsju.edu
  • Hedman-Dennis, Sigrid, MS, RN, CNS. Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. Main 432, 363-5653 shedman@csbsju.edu
  • Hogenson, Georgia, PhD, RN, CNOR. Medical Surgical Nursing, Main 337, 363-5162 ghogenson@csbsju.edu
  • Hoover, Carrie, PhD, RN. Adult Health, Cardiovascular, Critical Care/Trauma. Main 448, 363-5082 choover@csbsju.edu
  • Lang, Nicole, MSN, RN. Adult Nursing, Gerontology. Main 412, 363-5063 nlang@csbsju.edu
  • Larsen, Rachelle, PhD, RN. Public Health Nursing, Maternal Child Nursing. Main 433, 363-5192 rlarsen@csbsju.edu
  • Neuwirth, Janet, MS, RN. Midwifery, Adult Nursing. Main 431, 363-5089  jneuwirth@csbsju.edu
  • Ohman, Kathleen, EdD, RN, CCRN. Adult Nursing, Critical Care. Main 348, 363-5193 kohman@csbsju.edu
  • Peterson, Jennifer, MSN, RN, FNP, CNOR. Adult/Family Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Main 415, 363-5063 jpeterson@csbsju.edu
  • Reif, LuAnn, PhD, RN. Public Health Nursing. Main 442, 363-5168 lreif@csbsju.edu
  • Strelow, Julie, PhD, RN. Adult/Gerontology Nursing. Main 426E, 363-5181 jstrelow@csbsju.edu
  • Timko Olson, Erica, MS, RN, CNE. Nursing Education, Oncology. Main 412, 363-5063 etimkoolson@csbsju.edu
  • Tollefson, Bethany, MSN, RN. Mental Health Nursing. Main 426D, 363-5213 btollefson@csbsju.edu
  • Twohy, Kathleen, PhD, RN. Public Health Nursing, Maternal Child Nursing, Family Social Science. Main 450, 363-5249 ktwohy@csbsju.edu

Department of Nursing Office Manager
Deb Baloun
Main 418
Telephone: 320-363-5404