CSB/SJU Faculty Group Takes Asia Study Tour

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May 5, 1997

Collegeville, Minn. - Six College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University faculty members are preparing for a June 23

to July 11 study tour of Japan, Taiwan and China in advance of incorporating Asia-related content into 13 courses. This curriculum-enhancing project is funded by a $30,000 grant from the CSB/SJU Strategic Initiatives Fund.

Members of the study group include: John Hasselberg, associate professor of management; S. Nancy J. Hynes, OSB, professor of English; Henry V. Jakubowski, associate professor of chemistry; Kaarin Johnston, professor of theater; Diane Veale Jones, associate professor of nutrition and Gregory P. Walker, professor of music.

Project co-directors, Stephen Burmeister May, director of international studies and P. Richard Bohr, associate professor of history and Asian studies, will accompany the group.

In Asia, members of the group, who have been doing extensive research in advance of their field study, will meet with counterparts in their field of expertise to explore Asian approaches to such issues as traditional and modern approaches to medicine, nutrition, population growth, and health care; musical, literary, and theater forms and practices; Confucianism's role in modern Asian business management; the role of academic exchanges in preparing Americans for the

Pacific century; and the future relationship between America and the "Greater China" of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Group members have been invited to lecture on American perspectives regarding these issues.

The group will collectively meet with leaders in academic, arts, business, civic, diplomatic and government circles -- as well as members of the Benedictine communities in Japan and Taiwan -- to discuss ways to strengthen CSB/SJU's academic exchanges with Sophia University in Tokyo and Southwest China Normal University in Sichuan province. The group will also attend cultural events and visit temples, schools, courtrooms, private homes, scientific institutions, stock markets, health care facilities and museums.

"The delegation's exposure to new curricular elements, opportunities for enhanced student exchanges and its commitment to expand Asia-related extra-curricular activities considerably strengthens the Asia studies program's ability to prepare CSB/SJU students for the Pacific Century," said P. Richard Bohr.

The knowledge and expertise gained from the Asia study tour will be incorporated into six core and seven departmental courses that the faculty will begin teaching in 1997-98. Members of the group will become involved in the on-going process of developing the long-term institutional plan for the Asian studies program. CSB/SJU

anticipates that this innovative approach to enhancing the curriculum through the infusion of Asia-related content and broadening the institutional commitment to international and multi-cultural learning will serve as a model for developing additional area studies at CSB/SJU.

For more information, please call P. Richard Bohr 320-363-5918.