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College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University students/graduates and the titles of the essays they wrote for the "Encyclopedia of the U.S. Government and the Environment: History, Policy, and Politics."

Shannon Conk (CSB Class of 2010), "Biodiversity;" "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration;" "U.S. Geological Survey."

Grant Cook (SJU senior), "Sustainable Forestry."

Maude Cooper (CSB Class of 2011), "Office of Toxic Substances."

Madeline Dragich (CSB Class of 2011), "Glen Canyon Dam;" "Grand Canyon."

Trevor Drake (SJU Class of 2010), "A Sand County Almanac;" "Alternative Farming Systems Information System."

Brenna Finley (CSB senior), "Mineral Leasing Act;" "Pollution Protection Act of 1990."

Amy Hoeschen (CSB Class of 2010), "Nuclear Energy Institute."

Joe Kane (SJU Class of 2009), "Introduction: Environmental Politics and Policy in the United States."

Matt Magnan (SJU Class of 2010), "Commerce Clause;" "Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy."

Anna Schumacher (CSB Class of 2010), "American Farmland Trust;" "Energy Star Program."

Valentin Sierra (SJU Class of 2010), assisted editor Matt Lindstrom with the introduction and some of the editing.

Kelsey Thorkelson (CSB Class of 2011), "National Wildlife Federation;" "U.S. National Wildlife Refuge System."

Kersten Welch (CSB senior), "Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife (1992);" "Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council, Inc."

Brittany Werner (CSB senior), "Office of the Federal Environmental Executive."

Dan Wolgamott (SJU senior), "Office of Management and Budget."

In addition to the students/graduates, four faculty members contributed essays to the encyclopedia. They are:

Larry Davis, professor of biology and geology at CSB and SJU.

Claire Haeg, associate professor of political science at CSB and SJU.

James Read, professor of political science at CSB and SJU.

Parker Wheatley, associate professor of economics at CSB and SJU.