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Bible Film wins CINE Golden Eagle Award

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January 26, 2006

Saint John’s University has won a CINE Golden Eagle Award for “The Word Made Flesh,” a film produced by the university as an inspirational and educational tool for The Saint John’s Bible project.

The film documents the process by which artists and theologians of Saint John’s Abbey, University and Saint Benedict’s Monastery, and The Saint John’s Bible artistic director, Donald Jackson, work with each other to create illuminations for The Saint John’s Bible. It focuses specifically on a major illumination titled “The Word Made Flesh,” which is the frontispiece to the Gospel of John in The Saint John’s Bible.

The CINE Golden Eagle awards, distinguishing excellence in professional and amateur works, are recognized internationally as symbols of the highest production standards in filmmaking and videography. As a Golden Eagle award winner, “The Word Made Flesh” is eligible for international competition as well as two additional levels of national competition and cash prizes. Winners at these additional levels are announced at the Annual CINE Awards Ceremony in April 2006 in Washington, D.C.

In the fall 2005 CINE Competition, over 300 judges viewed and evaluated hundreds of distinguished entries. Among the talents whose first major awards included the CINE Golden Eagle are Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and documentarians Ken Burns, Charles Stanley Nelson and Frederich Wiseman.

“The Word Made Flesh” was produced by Jean Scoon, communications director in the Saint John’s University advancement department, with consultation provided by Carol Marrin, director of The Saint John’s Bible project. It was directed by Rich Reeder, Lockhaven Communications, with videography and editing by Will Hommeyer and John Dehn of Blue Moon Productions. Students and faculty of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, Saint John’s Preparatory School and the St. John’s Boys’ Choir as well as friends of The Saint John’s Bible were involved in the film’s narration, music and production.

“The Word Made Flesh” was first screened at a Saint John’s University event in April 2005, when The Saint John’s Bible Exhibition, “Illuminating the Word,” opened at The Minneapolis Institute of Art. A shortened version of the film is traveling with the exhibition on its national museum tour. The film is part of the educational programming of The Saint John’s Bible. Anyone wishing to see it can contact Tim Ternes, director of public programs and education for The Saint John’s Bible project, at 320-363-3351.  For more information regarding the Saint John's Bible, please visit the Bible Web site.