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National Catholic Youth Choir

2016 Camp and Tour Theme: "Psalms - The Voice of the People"
Camp and Multi-State Tour | June 13 - June 25, 2016

Axel Theimer Steps Down; NCYC Announces New Conductor

After 16 years with the National Catholic Youth Choir, artistic director and co-founder, Dr. Axel Theimer has decided to step down and welcome CSB/SJU music department colleague André Heywood, director of The Saint John's Boys Choir, as his successor. Axel will continue to be available as a consultant and looks forward to staying in touch with the many wonderful alum musicians who have been members of this choir since it's beginnings, as well as meeting future choristers.

Conductor of NCYC

André Heywood has been director of The Saint John's Boys Choir since 2007, conductor of the Saint John's Abbey Schola (monastic choir), Liturgical Music Director at Saint John's Preparatory School, and conductor of the All College Choir of Saint John's University and College of Saint Benedict. In 2013 he was named Outstanding Young Director of the Year by the American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota.

Incoming conductor André Heywood said:

"I have had several opportunities to experience the inspiring artistry of the National Catholic Youth Choir. I have attended their concerts, been present at liturgies in which they have sung, and brought my choirboys to join in choral workshops with them. I have always been moved by the enthusiasm, dedication, faith, and positive spirit of these talented young singers. It is truly a great honor for me to work with these young people, and I look forward to my time with them this summer."

The entire NCYC family says a huge THANK YOU to Axel Theimer for all he has given to the young people in NCYC. It has been an honor for all of us to work with Axel, and we are happy that he will stay in touch with the choir in the coming years.


Why Participate? What is special about NCYC?

Past choristers speak very highly of their time at NCYC. They say it is enjoyable, fun, inspirational, educational, spiritual, and informational. Many past choristers are still in touch with friends they made at NCYC. Choristers have had their faith renewed and have become excited to be a believing Catholic. They are very proud of the great music they make. To see exactly what choristers have said about their time at camp, click on the chorsiter comments link on the homepage.

What are the main features of the camp?

The schedule includes 6 or more hours of choir rehearsal each day; religion and music classes; prayer and worship; recreation and sports; community and friendship; free time. The last days of the camp are spent on an out-of-state tour.

What does a typical day at NCYC camp look like?

7:00am   Morning Prayer with Monks (optional)
8:00am      Meet for NCYC morning prayer & Breakfast
8:45-12:00pm   Rehearsal
12:00pm  Lunch & free time
2:00-5:30pm    Rehearsal
5:30pm   Dinner & free time
8:00-9:30pm   Rehearsal
9:30pm    Compline
10:15pm   Small Groups
10:30pm     Quiet Time
11:00pm     Lights Out


What does a typical day on a NCYC tour look like?

8:00am  Breakfast with host family
8:30am Host family drops off choristers at church 
9:00am   Activity or travel time
12:00-12:30pm   Lunch
12:30pm   Free Time
1:30pm     Activity
1:45pm   Travel Time
4:00pm  Arrive at new location unload & set up
5:00pm Dinner (provided by church)
6:00pm Rehearsal
7:00pm Concert
8:30pm Reception

Following Reception  Home with host families

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