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Opera Workshop Personnel 2012-2013

              A Hand of Bridge by Samuel Barber

Johnathan Rhodes
Megan Girgen
Patrick Moe
Mia McCoy
William White

David, A Florid Businessman
Geraldine, His Middle-Aged Wife
Bill, A Lawyer
Sally, His Wife

           Trial By Jury by Gilbert and Sullivan

David Christensen
Kayla Parker/Margaret Siegrest
Patrick Moe
Amanda Culver
Nancy Jo Goettl
Nicholas Hollermann
Samantha Brown
Megan Girgen
Rebecca Haile
Kayla Parker
Margaret Siegrest
Carlo Argoti
Kurt Baldwin
Michael Cola
Kyle Lamb
Johnathan Rhodes
Brian Walsh
Richard White
Tim Tianning Zhang
Kelsey Cavanaugh
Molly Evavold
Brianna Granby
Kristal Heinen
Alice Kuoc
Karen Mize
Alecea O'Connor
Jamie Reynolds

The Learned Judge
The Plaintiff
The Defendant
Counsel for the Plaintiff
Foreman of the Jury
First Bridesmaid


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