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Collaborative Duet Workshop and Performance Requirements

Students can elect to participate in a duet workshop and performance.  Students choose a duet from the list below and learn one part.  Each student will be assigned a college student duo partner to work with.  Teams will rehearse and prepare their duets during the workshop, in preparation for an informal performance in front of other duos.  This workshop provides an opportunity for students to gain playing experience and musical encouragement from peers and college-age pianists.  

Festival - Duet Repertoire requirements

Category I Duet Division,  Elementary to Late Elementary
One selection from Dennis Alexander's library ( listed below)

  1. Cinnamon Popcorn! (Just for Two, Bk. 1)
  2. Spooks from Mars (Just for Two, Bk. 1)
  3. Wild Horse Round-Up (duet sheet)
  4. March in Cyberspace (duet sheet)

Category II Duet Division, Early Intermediate to Intermediate
One selection from Dennis Alexander's library (listed below)

  1. Ballad (Just for Two, Bk. 2)
  2. Fiesta Fever (Just for Two, Bk. 2)
  3. Nocturne in E-Flat Major (Just for Two, Bk. 3)
  4. Jumpin' the Ivories (Just for Two, Bk. 3)

Category III Duet Division, Late Intermediate to Early Advanced
One selection from Dennis Alexander'slLibrary (listed below)

  1. Tarantella Fantastico - (Just for Two, Bk. 4)
  2. Cool Move (Just for Two, Bk. 4)
  3. Valse Caprice (duet sheet)
  4. Fanfare Toccata-Rondo (for TWO pianos, 4 hands)