Music Studies

Music Studies is a more generalized concentration allowing for individualized advisor/student design of upper-division Special Studies courses.  Many students in this curriculum will enter the music industry business, some facet of the private teaching world, music and arts management, or a profession outside of music.  Students who are electing to double-major within the college/university frequently choose this sequence.  The department recognizes the need for and value of a flexible and individualized concentration as consistent with the orientation of a liberal arts institution.

Students are reminded to consult with their music department faculty advisor prior to each registration.

**Printable version of course requirements

CORE:  (ALL)                                              

MUSIC 111- Comprehensive Musicianship I                 ______________           

MUSIC 121- Musicianship Skills I                                    ______________                       

MUSIC 112- Comprehensive Musicianship II                ______________

MUSIC 122- Musicianship Skills II                                   ______________                       

MUSIC 211- Comprehensive Musicianship III               ______________           

MUSIC 221- Musicianship Skills III                                  ______________                       

MUSIC 212- Comprehensive Musicianship IV              ______________           

MUSIC 222- Musicianship Skills IV                                 ______________                       

MUSIC 335- History of Music I                                         ______________                                   

MUSIC 336- History of Music II                                        ______________           

XXX - MUSIC MAJOR FIELD TEST (0). Required for graduation.
Students are required, in the Spring of their Junior or Senior year, to take a standardized Major Field Test covering Theory & Analysis, Literature, History, and Aural Skills. The standardized test should be taken only after completing the Music History sequence (MU335 & MU336).



MUSIC 227- Applied Voice/Instrument (first four semesters)          ______________                       

MUSIC 337- Applied Voice/Instrument (upper division lessons)      ______________           

MUSIC 114- Secondary Instrument                                                            ______________           



MUSIC 230 - Symphonic Band                                       ______________

MUSIC 231- Wind Ensemble                                           ______________

MUSIC 232- Chamber Choir                                           ______________

MUSIC 233- Orchestra                                                     ______________

MUSIC 234- Men's Chorus                                               ______________

MUSIC 235- Campus Singers                                          ______________

MUSIC 237- Clarinet Ensemble                                      ______________

MUSIC 238- Jazz Ensemble                                             ______________

MUSIC 239- All College Choir                                         ______________

MUSIC 240- Chapel Choir, Jazz Combo, String

Chamber Music, Ensemble Performance,

Guitar Ensemble                                                                        ______________

MUSIC 241- Saxophone Quartet                                           ______________

MUSIC 242- Brass Choir                                                          ______________

MUSIC 243- Percussion/ Marimba Ensemble                   ______________


Special Studies: 8 CREDITS

MUSIC 260 - Intro to Composition                                                            ______________

MUSIC 327- Music of the Liturgy                                                             ______________

MUSIC 340- Music Designs                                                                         ______________

MUSIC 341-343 Special Studies in Pedagogy and Techniques    

Singers/Diction/ Rep, Vocal Pedagogy,                                                             ______________           

MUSIC 345-Special Studies in Orchestration                                                   ______________

MUSIC 346- Tonal Counterpoint                                                                          ______________

MUSIC 347- Special Studies in Theory, Analysis and Composition           _____________


*Piano Proficiency Exam

(must pass for degree if instrument is not keyboard)                 ______________

Voice Proficiency                                                                                    ______________

Guitar Proficiency                                                                                  ______________

Organ Proficiency                                                                                   ______________