Choral Education

The B.A. degree in Music Education includes both a Choral and Instrumental course sequence.  This program is meant specifically for the professional training of K-12 teachers.  Both degree sequences are in full compliance with the Minnesota Board of Teaching Licensure requirements, NCATE accreditation, as well as the new National Standards for Arts Education.

Students are reminded to consult with their music department faculty advisor prior to each registration. 

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CORE:  (ALL)                                              

MUSIC 111- Comprehensive Musicianship I         ______________

MUSIC 121- Musicianship Skills I                           ______________           

MUSIC 112- Comprehensive Musicianship II        ______________

MUSIC 122- Musicianship Skills II                        ______________           

MUSIC 211- Comprehensive Musicianship III      ______________

MUSIC 221- Musicianship Skills III                       ______________

MUSIC 212- Comprehensive Musicianship IV       ______________

MUSIC 222- Musicianship Skills IV                       ______________

MUSIC 335- History of Music I                             ______________

MUSIC 336- History of Music II                           ______________

XXX - MUSIC MAJOR FIELD TEST (0). Required for graduation.
Students are required, in the Spring of their Junior or Senior year, to take a standardized Major Field Test covering Theory & Analysis, Literature, History, and Aural Skills. The standardized test should be taken only after completing the Music History sequence (MU335 & MU336).



MUSIC 227- Applied Voice (first four semesters)             ______________           

MUSIC 337- Applied Voice (upper division lessons)         ______________

MUSIC 114- Secondary Instrument                                  ______________



MUSIC 230 - Symphonic Band                                         ______________

MUSIC 231- Wind Ensemble                                            ______________

MUSIC 232- Chamber Choir                                            ______________

MUSIC 233- Orchestra                                                     ______________

MUSIC 234- Men's Chorus                                              ______________

MUSIC 235- Campus Singers                                           ______________

MUSIC 237- Clarinet Ensemble                                       ______________

MUSIC 238- Jazz Ensemble                                             ______________

MUSIC 239- All College Choir                                          ______________

MUSIC 240- Chapel Choir, Jazz Combo, String

Chamber Music, Ensemble Performance,

Guitar Ensemble                                                                  ______________

MUSIC 241- Saxophone Quartet                                        ______________

MUSIC 242- Brass Choir                                                     ______________

MUSIC 243- Percussion/ Marimba Ensemble                   ______________


Special Studies:

MUSIC 323- Choral Techniques I                                 ______________

MUSIC 324- Choral Techniques II                               ______________

*Piano Proficiency Exam (must pass for degree)        ______________


Students pursuing the choral education sequence who do not have voice as their primary area of study must fulfill two levels of voice competencies (distributed by the instructor)

Students desiring a K-12 teaching license in vocal or instrumental music must be accepted into the education department to complete a minor in education.  See education department listing for the supporting minor in education requirements.

Students in music education may receive special credit towards some core requirements.  However, they are advised that a program in music fulfilling Minnesota state licensure requirements may require a ninth semester, course overloads and/or attendance at summer school.  Students are urged to contact the education department regarding requirements.