Special Fees

Lesson Fee: There is a fee of $130.00 for applied lessons. This fee is charged per semester. Individuals (majors and minors) who are studying more than one instrument are charged only one fee. Secondary instrument lessons should be registered under Music 114. Music 338 applied lessons are charged a $260.00 fee.

Locker Rental: Lockers for the purpose of instrument storage may be rented either for one semester ($2.00) or for an entire academic year ($3.00). To rent a locker please see Brian Campbell in BAC 119. At that time a locker will be issued. Locks that are not left on the locker at the end of the rental period may incur an additional fee.

Instrument Rental: Instruments may be rented if a student is currently taking lessons or involved in an ensemble. The charge is $15.00 per semester. If you need to rent an instrument, please see your studio instructor.

SJU Piano Practice Room Keys: Upon faculty recommendation, students are given access to piano practice rooms. These rooms are kept locked. Keys may be obtained from the SJU music office, located in the Stephen B. Humphrey Building (Room 110). Students will be fined for each key not returned; charges go directly to the students account and will be refunded upon the return of the key. Keys are distributed as follows: Key #143 -- (uprights) any music major; Key #142 -- (grands) piano majors only. Keys for the organ studios are also available. Electronic Music Lab keys must be approved by Dr. Walker or Dr. Campbell. Enrollment in lessons with CSB/SJU faculty is a prerequisite to obtain any key.