After completion of the First Year Seminar, it is recommended that students planning to major in music to seek a music faculty member as an advisor. If your advisor is not your studio instructor, make certain you check with your studio instructor for various opportunities available to you. A music faculty member will be able to advise which special study courses are crucial for upper division candidates.

Centralized Student Files

Each music major/minor will have a file maintained by the Chair. These files are housed on the CSB campus. Items included are:

  • jury sheet for each semester, and each instrument
  • first year full-faculty review notes
  • sophomore full-faculty review notes
  • upper division process notes and application for the degree sequence
  • Thursday Recital programs
  • junior and/or senior recital programs
  • guitar, organ, piano and/or voice proficiencies
  • awards and scholarship documentation
  • letters of recommendation (e.g., education department, graduate schools, job placement)
  • other pertinent information