Delivery Policy

Media Services delivers certain media and equipment for specific locations and purposes on campus. Please review the delivery sections below for more details on each specific delivery service. 


Media Services offers a delivery service for  DVD videos or VHS tapes to specific viewing rooms around campus. Any DVD or VHS showings should adhere to the guidelines defined in our Copyright Policy


    Currently Media Services only delivers DVDs and VHS tapes on SJU campus to the following rooms: Alcuin U12, and Quad 346 (Little Theater). Media Services does not deliver DVDs or VHS media to any CSB or SJU classrooms, nor any other spaces other than these specifically designated rooms. DVD and VHS delivery requests can be directed to SJU Media Services and should be made at least 2 days in advance.


    To use a viewing room for a DVD or VHS class showing, it needs to be reserved. Reservations for Alcuin U12 can be made through SJU Media Services. Use of Quad 346 (Little Theater) is scheduled via the Registrar's Office, and SJU Events department in the evening. Please reserve a room first and then contact SJU Media Services to schedule DVD or VHS delivery and technical support. 


    If a DVD or VHS tape is required for a class showing in a room or location that isn't a designated delivery location, then the faculty member may request to have the DVD or VHS media put on hold behind a library circulation desk for pick-up. Please contact either the SJU Alcuin Library Circulation Desk (320.363.2120), CSB Clemens Library Circulation Desk (320.363.5604) or fill out a Media Request Form. Use of the Media Request form is only allowed for faculty that plan to show DVD or VHS media in a classroom setting.


LOWs are IT Services/Media Services managed portable carts that each hold 24 laptops. These carts are for classrooms use and other applications that require multiple computers. Currently, there is one  LOW cart(PE and NSC Buildings ONLY) available on SJU campus and 2 carts(HAB and Ardolf) on the CSB campus.


    Media Services assists IT Services in coordinating and booking of the LOW carts. To reserve a LOW cart for a class or event, please contact the respective CSB or SJU Media Services office.  LOW carts are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Please request at least two class days in advance.


    Media Services is responsible for physically delivering and retrieving LOW carts to and from the designated location. A lock key is included with each LOW that must be given to a teacher, requester or other designated person by Media Services for the duration of cart usage, and will need to be returned to Media Services with the LOW cart at the end of the reservation. The teacher, requester or designated person is responsible for the LOW cart, laptops and key for the span of its use.  It is also general policy to store and lock all laptops inside the LOW cart for charging and safe-keeping when not in use.


    All LOW carts are IT Services' equipment. IT Services provides all technical support, updates equipment and installs software for each laptop. IT Services also reserves final say and control over cart usage. If users encounter problems with the equipment, they should seek technical support from IT Services. If a specific software program is needed to be installed on the laptops, IT services will need to approve and install that software. Please allow IT Services adequate time to install any requested software. Media Services does not have administrative rights to any of the LOW computers and will not be able to assist with LOW technical support. All technical support inquiries can be directed to the IT help desk at 320.363.2228 or


Media Services delivers multiple types of media equipment, such as computer/projector units, and audio/video devices. Please contact our office to discuss these options with a Media Services staff member.  Please make your request at least two days in advance.


Adam Bauer
Media Services Manager
(320) 363-2118