Media/Equipment Delivery Policy

DVD/VHS Delivery Policy

Media Services on the SJU campus will deliver DVD/VHS to the following rooms: AV-1, AV-2, U12 in Alcuin Library and Q346 in the Quad.  If you would like to have DVD/VHS media delivered to one of these rooms please make the request at least two class days in advance.  Media Services does not deliver DVD/VHS media to classrooms on either the CSB or SJU campus.

To have a DVD/VHS put aside for pickup please contact circulation #2120 @ SJU; # 5604 @ CSB or fill out this form.  Note: Only faculty can use this form for DVD/VHS used in class only.


To reserve AV-1, AV-2, Nicekelodeon, and U12  for class showings, please call #2117.   Q346(Little Theater) is scheduled via the Registrar's office and SJU Events in the evening.  Please reserve the room and then contact Media Services to schedule a DVD/VHS delivery and technical support.


 LoW(Laptop Cart) delivery Policy


IT/Media Services controls 3 LoW's on the SJU campus and 2 LoW's on the CSB campus.  To setup delivery for a LoW at SJU please call #2117 and on the CSB campus call #5609.  LoW's are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, please request at least two class days in advance.


 All other equipment:

Media Services delivers multiple types of media equipment, such as computer/projector units, and audio/video devices.  Please contact #2117 at SJU and #5609 at CSB to discuss these options with a media services staff member.  Please make your request at least two days in advance.